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Many people in the spiritual world don’t know what this means.  The Holy Spirit is a powerful force God (YHWH- His name) the creator of heaven and earth uses to communicate with people.  His name is not easy to pronounce, but in English it is translated as Jehovah, in Hebrew it is translated as Yahweh.  This is the name He revealed to the early prophets, such as Moses, Abraham etc.

Jesus (Yesuah) explained in John 16, the purpose of the Holy Spirit.

  1. To preach the truth
  2. To counsel us
  3. To convict us of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness
  4. To remind us of judgement
  5. To guide us in all truth
  6. To strengthen our faith
  7. To encourage us

God put a conscious in every one of us, in regard to the knowledge of good and evil, which happened in Eden.  We are all aware of two voices speaking to us, in regard to sin.  One says, do the right thing as opposed to the other.

The Holy Spirit as Jesus says, convicts us of sin, and reminds us to do the right thing, especially where God and Jesus are concerned.

In Galatians 5:22, we learn more: that the Holy spirit produces love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in a believer.  Note: A believer who is obedient gains much joy in Christ and will be saved.

Jesus said, the Holy spirit can only operate through him, therefore pointing us to all areas of righteousness, e.g. praying, reading his word and putting it into practice, encouraging each other in meetings, etc.

The Holy Spirit will always remind us to be obedient to God and Jesus.  God and Jesus are attached 100%. Obedience to Jesus is obedience to God.

The Holy Spirit also opens our minds to understand the Bible, to prophesy, and reminds us, that salvation (forgiveness of our sins) is only found in Jesus Christ and  Christianity.  As you can see, the Holy spirit is using me in this blog to prophesy (meaning to tell the truth about God).  Salvation is found in one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. Acts 3:12.  Jesus also says, anyone who asks God for the holy spirit, will receive.  And you can only receive if you obey. Acts 5:32.

Jesus says, if you love me you’ll obey what I command. And I’ll ask the Father, and he’ll give another Counsellor (Holy Spirit) to be with you forever. The Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things, and will remind you of everything I have said to you. John 14

The Holy Spirit does not make people fall over, nor does it make a preacher blow and make people fall on the ground.  People fall because of imbalance and emotions, which also  happens at weddings.  I know this will surprise some people who believe this is the case.  How do we know this?  Because of the scriptures, e.g. fruit of the spirit above. There is nowhere in the Bible that supports falling over. The idea of falling over is a man’s idea, it is not God’s will.  I’d advise anyone who practices this to search the scriptures for themselves.  A preacher who uses this tactic is sending out a message that they have power, or has a misunderstanding.  I’m not judging  because I know some people believe that’s what they should do.  However,  I’m just stating out a fact which other Christians are concerned about.  God wants anyone who preaches to portray a humble attitude; to put the congregation above themselves. For God wants us to worship in truth, peace and order.

Jesus did something we believers have to learn from, especially if you are in leadership, or are among the sheep (followers). To wash each other’s feet (serving one another with a humble attitude, and doing acts of kindness). John 13:12-17.

God used the Holy spirit to do miraculous wonders, like making the disciples speak in different languages, so that the listeners would understand what was being preached. Acts 2.  Nowadays, we  learn all kinds of languages through education, part of the reason is to preach the gospel to the world. For example, English has played a major part in various parts of the world.

And this is the issue, it is impossible to be a Christian/born again without the Holy Spirit. John 3:5-8.  When we receive the Holy Spirit, our mind and actions change to the godly guidance. The word gets into our mind, and we get moulded by God through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  The Bible also gives us a clue,  after Baptism, which is pledging a good conscious before God, we receive the Holy spirit. Acts 2:32-41.

In Romans 8:1-17, it says, those who live according to the sinful nature have set their minds on their sinful desires, but those who live according to what the Holy spirit have set their minds on what Jesus and God desires.  And those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.  Any one who does not have the spirit of Christ does not belong to God.

bibleFor this to happen, it all depends on your heart.  When we have a good heart we seriously listen to God and Jesus.



The most effective calming force a human being can engage in; a gift from God.

–          To help us to connect to him.

–          A way of worshiping him.

–          A way of releasing our problems/burdens to Him.

Jesus did just that, when he prayed for himself and released his heartfelt situations to the Father.

And then he prayed for the believers; he knew there would be divisions among churches because of human imperfections and misunderstandings, which somehow saddened him.

So, he prayed for unity – meaning genuine believers are united in him.  It saddens him, when genuine Christians judge each other.  (I remember going to  church and a friend in Christ said to me, you’re not one of us, because you were not baptised by us.)  And I remember saying if Jesus was here, what would he say?  He is the tree and we are the branches, and he commands us to love each other.  He is the Bible, and so whoever reads the Holy Bible and puts it into practice is in Jesus.  And if any one wants to connect to God properly they have to pray through Jesus’ name.

And according to Jesus’ wisdom, our prayers have to be specific and reasonably short, (Mt. 6-14).  He advises us, that we should pray individually in a solitary quiet place; which is just you and God.  When you look into the Bible you can see how he used to retreat to the mountains to pray by himself.  He also encourages us to pray together.

The way he taught us how to pray, is the main way God wants us to pray to Him.  (The most important prayer, Matthew 6:9-13)  Every line is significant and straight to the point. The first line is acknowledging that God is our Father in heaven.  And that he should be honoured, and his name should be sanctified.

He mentions ‘your kingdom come’, which means God’s Kingdom should be in our hearts and in our lives. The Kingdom represents his words, plan and salvation, which in the end will be established.

He mentions ‘His will be done’, which means it is important to understand that God’s will is better than ours.  He decides what to do on earth as he did in heaven.  And we can’t even argue with Him. So, we have to accept God’s will in order to have  peace of mind.

Our daily bread,’ when you think about it, God provides most our needs and we don’t even need to ask him.  For example,  food is plenty all the time, and all we need to do is to get it.  In this case, I think Jesus means wisdom and Holy Spirit.  Jesus referred to himself as our daily bread, and he said, he is life. John 6:35.  We always have to pray for guidance and wisdom.  And also to pray for every situation that bothers our minds.  For each day comes with its own issues.

And then he says, forgive us our sins’.  This is easy to understand, because when we sin it is important to ask God forgiveness.  For this is a way of humbling ourselves when we acknowledge that we have sinned against God.  And then we have to remember, that to be forgiven, we also have to forgive. Matt. 6;14-15.   He also advises us, that if you’ve sinned against someone – go to them and apologise to create peace.  But his first message is, make every effort to avoid sinning.

And then he says, ‘let us not into temptations’…this is crucial, because it is not good to fall into temptation or Satan’s trap.  So, we should always pray to keep away from temptation grounds, but if we get tempted we should be adamant to say no, for this strengthens our faith.  A sin can weaken/destroy our faith if we fall into it, so it is better to keep away.  Temptations affect the heart and are brought about by Satan.  So when you face one…Pray! Jesus urged Peter to pray about the temptation.

And then he says, deliver us from evil’. This is crucial and critical, because it is not good to be in Satan’s trap. It is a state of destruction, for we want to be saved.  When you find your self in a trap… pray and get out!

According to Jesus we shouldn’t use many words because we end up repeating ourselves.  And he says, ‘God knows what you are thinking’.  And it seems like we shouldn’t keep on asking God for things, or we end up praying for things which He had already decided to give us, before we even opened our mouths.

Let me give you an example, non believers; they get almost everything they need.  And guess what, they don’t even pray.  As a scripture says, God makes the sun shine on everybody. John 5:43-45  He shows his kindness to everyone.

So the most important thing is to pray for our spiritual needs, as mentioned in the Lords prayer.  It is crucially  important to pray from the heart; to be humble and sincere. Think about every line from the Lord’s Prayer seriously with a heart of repentance.  And it is also important to make sure we thank him for every blessing, even when things are tough.

Jesus said, seek his kingdom first, and all these things will be added on to you. Matt. 6:33

Praying  in the morning  and at night  is crucial to get us energised spiritually.  Some Christians pray using a new tongue.  (Pentecostal churches use this a lot, I cor.13)  They feel, it also helps them in stress.  But my favourite Prayer is which Jesus emphasised on above.  I always look forward to it, knowing that it is our guidance.  And Every time I pray, it touches my heart deeply.


pecock 6

When it comes to judging we are all guilty of it.  Sometimes we are good at pointing a finger at somebody else and forget the one that is pointing back at us.  As you know, it happens in  religions, relationships, etc.  Sometimes it is so easy to play the game because we want to protect ourselves, or our beliefs.

However, it is good to judge the wrong action and convict the wrong doer. That’s why we have the laws and courts. But Jesus said, don’t judge, you too will be judged. Mathew 7:1-6.  He wants us to understand that before you judge somebody else examine yourself first, or before you correct somebody else correct yourself first.

We are living in times whereby the message of Jesus has been diluted, and some churches are judging , ‘we are the only one and everybody else is wrong’.  But, Jesus’ message is simple and clear. Don’t judge on the outside appearance, God is the ultimate Judge. Therefore, Jesus wants us to focus on our own righteousness which is based on the Bible. As mentioned before,  for when God points a finger, it is directed at you as an individual. You do the right thing!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, is to tell it as it is.  God says, I (Yahweh) your God, search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a person according to their conduct and according to what their deeds deserve. Jeremiah 17:10

God the Father and his Son, exercise absolute judgement, justice and perfection.  We on the other hand, because of our imperfections, don’t know everything, and only see a little bit of a person, so we are limited in our judgement.

However, when it comes to who is a genuine Christian, Jesus gave us tips, and he said, by their fruit (righteous deeds) you’ll recognise them.  Mathew 7:16.

We also learn from him, that it is okay to see somebody’s sin and tell them to change.  Judicial and Police institutions do the best they can sometimes, but not without mistakes due to human imperfections.

We are all in the same boat called the world.  So what Jesus would say, especially to those of us who claim to follow him, ‘don’t put yourself in the Judgement seat of God.  Just focus and work on your own righteousness’.  But it doesn’t mean we cannot correct each other.  As he says, in Luke 17:3, watch yourselves. If one of you sins, rebuke them.



photo 23The world has made us think that the more you have, the higher you go.  So, your status in life is above those who have less.  I used to think like that until recently, when I found something in the Bible that opened my mind to think otherwise. James 1.

Before explaining further, I have to get you to Solomon, the youngest son of David in the Old Testament.  God said to him, ask for whatever you want me to give you. 2 chronicle 1.

Solomon answered, ‘give me wisdom and knowledge’.  God was impressed by his answer and thinking, so He gave him more than he asked for.   He got what he wanted, and also became the richest man in the world.  But as a human being, when he got more, he ended up wanting more, and that became his problem and downfall.  He had too many women, which was totally outside God’s will.  In the end, when he acknowledged his mistakes and thought things through in Ecclesiastes, he came to a conclusion, that God and his wisdom was the best answer.  You can read the rest of the story yourself.  One thing I like about the Bible is; we get stories God wants us to learn from.  You get to see their ups and downs, weaknesses and strengths, of which we can relate to.

Going back to my eye opening in James 1, it says that, a person in humble circumstances is in a high position, and it goes on to say the one with world riches is in a lower position. Why did James say this?

When it comes to money, most of us are in humble circumstances, we don’t have too much, therefore we are not consumed by self- indulging. Thus we only have the basic necessities, to meet our needs, e.g. a roof over our heads, daily food, etc.

Those who have lots of money, get too many material possessions, which according to Jesus is unnecessary.  This is the issue, when a person gets too much of something they get proud, which is true. And when you’re in that state of mind your position in life becomes relatively weaker.  Comparatively, when it comes to marriage and stability, a person needs one true love, and when it comes to friends just a few will do.  People with so many possessions worry more. Who is going to get their possessions when they had gone?  On the other hand, a person who has little worries less.  So, having too much money, is not good.  And I say it again; it is not good; that’s why the majority of us don’t have much of it.  However, as you know, when you consider another scenario, when someone is too poor to feed themselves, that’s not good either.  As those who have too much are in a small minority, so are those who are too poor.  So thank God that the majority of us are in the middle, we can manage two meals a day.

But the Bible again explains; if you find yourself with a bit too much, give a lot away to the poor. 2 Tim. 6:17-19.  With that attitude you’ll find yourself happier.  Jesus the Master of life says, don’t store up a treasure for yourselves which is going to disappear anyway, but have a godly treasure (wisdom and a gift from God) which will never disappear. Matt. 6:19.  And we learn from him, a person who has God and Jesus is in a better position than one who hasn’t.  And he goes on to say, the love of money is the root of all evil.  He right!!  Look at us; who in this world has not been messed up by money in one way or the other, not to mention stress, selfishness, and greed, apart from exception circumstances? Jesus knew money was going to be one of our biggest problems.  For once we put it in our hearts, it has a way of twisting us in all kinds of directions.

Even though he never had a penny for himself because he was absolutely holy,  he was required to  pay the temple tax.  However,  I find it funny and amazing that he used a fish to pay for it.  Mathew 17:27 

In this secular world as they call it, so much emphasis is placed on saving up for life  insurance purposes, which has become not just a scary process but a big business too. But Jesus says, actually make sure you get saved, and don’t worry about life.

And the conclusion is, money becomes meaningless if it is not used properly to meet our needs, and the needs of others.



I often get questions like; do you believe in destiny?  I totally do; to some extent, simply because, there are things that destined for us and some are based on choices.

There is a saying most people use; to be in a certain place at the wrong time or vice versa. There is so much we have to learn about life; I believe every person we meet or set eyes on is part of our destiny.  For example, when we decide to take a certain route and those people we meet along the way have also decided to do the same.   And in a world of more than  two billion people, we end up meeting a tiny fraction in our life time.  Why do we meet some people and don’t meet others?  I think  every person we spend time with, or know is destined for a reason,  normally as a learning experience.

As you are aware, we take in information the moment we open our eyes, and are good at observing things around us.  We learn from people who are different in nature, cultures, characters and experiences.  Every human being is unique and special. That’s why God made us different so that we can learn from each other.  Someone said, life is a school.  It is so true, and I couldn’t agree more.

The people we are supposed to learn from, or vice versa, are going to come into our lives.  And we can’t even stop it.  God has a way of putting people in our way, especially if it is part of his plan. He did it throughout the Bible.

Much of our life is destined. Take another example, we don’t choose to be born as you know, God made that decision for us. Our parents played a small part. There is a certain point in our development when God puts a soul in us (breath of life ), which manifests itself in order for us to think and operate.  Genesis 2:7

Here is another one, every position of leadership or popularity, especially when dealing with people is destined, which means that  person has been allowed for a reason.  How do we know this? Because God gives time.  Jesus told Pilate, if the position you’re in was not given by God you wouldn’t be in that position.  John 19:11. Therefore, when God destinies you to do something no one can stop it.

Consequently,  when you find yourself in a position where you didn’t get the job, don’t beat yourself up with misery.  It just wasn’t part of your destiny. That means your destiny is another company.  For as you know, a job is not just a job, it is also learning from people and serving.  Everyone of us is so special and different, for we all have something different to put on the table.

And here is another one, which is often asked in the Christian world;buttrfly are some people chosen to be saved?  The Bible explains God chooses some people to do certain  tasks, for example, the first Israelites were chosen to fulfil his purpose through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  After that he made his plan go to another level, whereby  for the rest of us, after the coming of Christ the saviour, we gain salvation by making a decision through him.



leaf 2






Happiness comes:

  • when we praise God joyfully.
  • when we forgive from the heart.
  • when we have a humble attitude.
  • when we sing joyfully even in sadness.
  • when we get rid of bad thoughts and embrace the good ones.
  • when we don’t hold on to the past but embrace the future.
  • when we reflect on things that are more important than money.
  • when money is not our master but a passing experience.
  • when we put worries aside and embrace the strength within.
  • when we appreciate all God’s creations in their splendour.
  • when we focus on the positives in our lives other than the negatives.
  • when we take refuge in God during problems.
  • when we accept God’s will in our lives.
  • when we focus on giving more other than receiving more.
  • when we focus on Jesus’ guidance and take it to heart and actions.
  • when we love God from the heart and in actions.
  • when we embrace the actions of peace from others.
  • when we appreciate our blessings even the little we have.
  • when you feel you’ve done your best.
  • when we share our faith with someone.
  • when we keep life simple by living in peace and tranquillity.
  • when we focus on loving each other despite our differences.
  • when we treat others the way we would like to be treated.
  • when we take a moment to pray and say thank you God.

pecock 5


leaf 1

We all have problems but for me as a born again Christian, I call them little challenges.  Let’s face it; every human being needs a challenge.

A challenge has a way of shaking things up, and God knows that if we didn’t have challenges we’ll be too comfortable, too spoiled and unruly.  A challenge from God is a blessing in disguise, for it helps us to reflect on  our lives and do some assessing.

That’s why the Bible says, God disciplines believers as part of training, for nonbelievers as part of awakening.  Hebrews 12:7-8.  Every discipline is temporary, but we are supposed to learn from it.  As for me, I thank God for all the blessings and challenges that have helped me to become a better person.

A challenge may come for a short period, and sometimes it stays a bit longer.  It is supposed to teach us something about ourselves, and a reminder that we need to get on the right track and sort ourselves out.

To understand this, you have to put yourself in God’s position. He creates people in his image. He also decides to provide our needs because of his love.  God as the originator of parenthood, has given us a glimpse of his character. We learn it from parenthood, and as children.

For example, a parent would say to a child don’t touch fire, and gives a reason, ‘because you’ll get hurt’. At one point a child would test it out, to see if it really hurts. A mother would get upset because a child has been disobedient. In this case, most parents would discipline a child because they know that if they don’t, it would be catastrophic for a child. And after disciplining, a mother would normally comfort a child.

So, the same with God. He warns us, and comforts us after a discipline, but he also points a finger, and says, ‘I told you so! Don’t do it again or else’.  

Someone once said, ‘a life without challenges would be boring’.  For, in life we need to learn how to fight.  I’m not talking about a physical fight, but a spiritual one whereby you have to use wisdom, positivity, bravery, and endurance when faced with one.

We have a wonderful God, when a challenge comes he gives us the strength and wisdom to handle it.  And He has a way of taking it away if we can’t handle it.   On other occasions, when a challenge is long term he squeezes it,  and makes it smaller so that we can be above it.  Especially if we listen to him through Jesus, and have a positive attitude.  You’ve heard of the saying ‘time heals,’ but actually it is God who heals our broken hearts.

As a saying goes, where there is a closed door He provides an open door.  Someone may lose their job and moan about it, but little do they  know that a better opportunity is waiting around the corner.  I’ll never forget a Christian blind woman who shared on a radio, that even though she is blind, she is one of the happiest people on earth,  for she has peace in Christ.

Bearing in mind, some challenges have nothing to do with God’s discipline, they’re just a learning experience.  For the big part of life is about learning.  And we also learn from Job and Jesus, that many of our problems are brought about by Satan. i.e. broken marriages, drug problems, etc.  Also, bad decisions put us into trouble.  But God  is there to rescue us, if we are willing to reach out to him.



photo 17

When it comes to asking?  He says, ask you’ll receive.  It is in our human nature to ask, and we normally get what we want but not all the time.  But at the same time we have to be careful about what we desire, because we end up getting what we don’t need or the wrong thing, also bearing in mind that not everything comes from God.  So asking God requires good reasoning. James 4:3.   Why and what is your motive?

Jesus was the most encouraging person the world has ever seen. He was the expert when it comes to advising on how to handle life wisely.  He gave us tips, what to do when we are overwhelmed or discouraged.  He said, ‘don’t worry about life, seek God’s kingdom first and all these things will be added on to you’. Matt. 6:33.  He also says, ask and it will be given, knock the door and the door will be opened, seek and you’ll find. Matt. 7:7-12.  He gave us an insight, that God delights in giving good gifts to those who ask him.  If we are sad or troubled, we ask God to give us peace.  If we are confused we ask for guidance and wisdom.  If we lack faith and want to be saved, we ask for the Holy Spirit,  which is crucial in getting us to connect to God.  And when you get yourself to be obedient to Him, He will give you the Holy Spirit.  Acts 4:32

I find this one even more interesting but challenging, when he says, ‘therefore I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it’ll be yours’. Mark 11:24 -25.  I don’t know about you, but I find this to be one of the most inspiring scriptures in the Bible,

flw2But it doesn’t mean we ask for a million, that’s why most of us don’t have it, which I’ll explain in another topic.  God is very generous and kind.  First of all, he has given us things we haven’t asked for, for example, life and every good thing that comes with it.  We have all been given talents, i.e. abilities.   Matt. 25:14-30.   And we have all received a seed of faith when we heard about God and Jesus.  So he says, our job is to multiply it, instead of burying it.  To make it grow by using the skills of learning, listening, and putting it into practice.

So when it comes to asking as I mentioned earlier, we have to get into the reasoning time.  Jesus taught us how to pray, and much of the prayer is about asking.   Give us our daily bread, for example. This is crucial, because, as you know, we need food to survive. That’s why we have a lot of food, because some of us are saying that prayer.  But also, bearing in mind that bread represents Jesus and his words.  He said, I’m the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry. John 6:35.  Which means the moment we put his words in our hearts and put them into practice we get transformed.

And then he says, ask for forgiveness. This is crucially important, for it helps us to be on the safe side.  We have to ask God for forgiveness of our sins through his Son.

Sometimes we may ask for something and God says no, with a reason in mind. Take for example, a man is walking in a jungle and he is tired of life.  While he is walking, he meets a lion which is full of life and eager to get on with it.  The man prays, God save me from this lion. The lion on the other hand is thanking God for the meal.

Jesus knew as human beings we are sometimes driven or limited by our imperfections and weaknesses, such as fear or insecurity.  It is so easy for us to limit our expectations due to our experiences.  But here, he is saying lift up your faith in God, because with Him nothing is impossible.  Someone may say, well I’ve got this problem I prayed about it and it is still there.  However, God has a way of giving us power to overcome a problem.  I’ve had my own experiences in this area, but He surprised me.  There is no problem on earth God doesn’t take away, for He does it in his own time.

When it comes to asking for miracles, it is good to understand the whole scenario; God gave the first disciples special powers as Jesus had.  There are things they did, like healing difficult cases, which is impossible for anyone to do nowadays.  Here is the issue,  you need to have a big faith in order to move mountains.  It seems like, it is good to have a faith in God without doubt in order to get Him to respond, especially when you say, let your will be done.  His idea is better than ours, and we also have to get into obedience in order for us to get to where we need to be.

God has given us information, and has exposed his thoughts.  All of us have just been here on earth for a short time, whether it is hundred or a bit more.  We found information which was written more than a thousand years ago.  The Bible talks about the beginning, and all the prophets that came before Jesus Christ and most of them pointed to Jesus’ coming.  Isaiah the prophet, compared Jesus to God, the way the Father operates is the same way as Jesus operated.  He said, ‘he will be called a wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of peace’…Isaiah 9: 1-7.  He is the only one who has ever thought and operated as God does – his special Son, his right hand.  And the reason is as the scripture says, unlike us he was born without sin.  Even though he was tempted it was impossible for him to sin.


treeskWe all get to that point when we are troubled or worried by something.  Plans not getting our way, marriages break downs, friendship troubles, business ideas fall apart, job situations, children not listening as they should, and so forth.

And we have a habit of creating our own imaginations which are based on fear or fantasy sometimes.  Sometimes we think about things we shouldn’t even be thinking about.  And we worry about things we shouldn’t be worried about.  For example, someone may think a particular person doesn’t like them, when it is not true.  I remember going through that experience.  And on the other hand when the situation is real, God has a way of solving our troubles to our advantage.

Jesus asked the disciples this question after he had seen their fear, for when they saw him they got frightened, and doubted whether he was real.  For fear and doubt is so much in our human nature and God knows that.  But when he comforted them and reassured them, their fear subsided.  He said to them, ‘touch me, I’m real’.  Have you got something to eat?  God is real and he wants us to be sincere and have an obedient heart, when it comes to get to know him.

So when God or Jesus asks why are you troubled?   This is the time to think clearly about the situation you’re going through.  A prayer and applying godly wisdom will ease your mind.  Sometimes we think too much and think we can solve our problems, and forget that without God’s intervention we are totally helpless.   Every time we get sick and get better it is because of God.  He is the only one who helps the body to respond to medicine.  The scripture says, in his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Job.12:10.

Why do doubts rise in your minds?

photo 17Again this is a crucial question that targets a side of us that succumbs in doubt sometimes.  It is okay to doubt our abilities because we are imperfect, but to doubt God who has absolute power and perfection is a no, no.  And more importantly this is a question directed at believers, to get us understand that we have to focus on God or Jesus and take his directions to heart.

What I have learnt is, every question God and Jesus used was not only directed at those people but to all of us, and some of them are particularly directed at the believers.  The questions help us to analyze our lives, in regard to a particular situation. God sees everything and our inner thoughts. The scripture says, man (person) looks at the outside appearance but God look at the heart (inner thoughts and motives). 1 Sam.16:7



This is crucial because our lives get messed up by so many things, and it is a question that can keep us turning in our beds, because we all struggle with sickness at one point in our lives.  It could be anything from a headache to a toe pain, alcohol issues, drug problems, depression, etc.

He asked the above question to a paralyzed man who was trying to get in the water for a healing.  He performed a miracle on him when he saw his persistence.  We can learn from him that to get a good result we have to persevere, especially where faith in Jesus is concerned.  For spiritual healing is better than physical.

In most cases we get well physically, because we want to get well and more importantly because God wants us to get well for a purpose.  For example,  Jesus healed all those who desired to get well.  So when Jesus asked this question, he goes even deeper than physical healing, which is our inner-being (spiritual).  When we are healed spiritually we can handle anything. The Bible gives us instructions to aid our healing.  When we get transformed by the word of God, that’s our healing, for example, unhappy marriage can be transformed by the word of God when both parties adhere to its guidance.  A drug addict or dealer can be transformed if they are willing to change.  The fear of God also helps us to transform.

When our lives get messed up by our actions, he asks the same question.  When we are burdened by problems, he asks the same question.  And he also says, ‘come to me all those who are weary and burdened and I’ll give you rest’. Mathew 11:28   When Jesus is in your life, you can relax even when things get too tough and are beyond your control.  God does not allow things in our lives beyond what we can bear.  He only allows things which are common to man.  But every one’s cup is different, which means our problems differ.

When we face a problem God provides a portion of strength to help us handle a particular problem.  But the reality is however, most of our problems are solved by following his wisdom. There are times when we focus too much on our problems, and the more we focus on them the bigger they become, thus creating even more stress.  I used to do that!  Nowadays though, my attitude is different, I focus more on his counselling.  And the Bible is brilliant, when it comes to solving a lot of our issues. When God sees that we are taking in his counselling by faith, he energises us.  It is amazing, the best thing I have ever done, and I wouldn’t exchange for any amount of money.

Some people say, reading the Bible is difficult.  It is not that difficult if you have faith and the right attitude.  Now days, I even use my finger along each sentence.  Starting with the New Testament is easier.  Taking your time, line by line, chapter by chapter is crucial to gain understanding; for it is not just a book, it is God’s letter to us –  a revelation of his thoughts.  In the Old Testament, He wants us to understand what happened before Jesus. The New covenant of Christ is the final fulfilment of his plan.  Jesus said, ‘He is the Alpha and Omega’.  (The beginning and the end)  So reading it carefully with a humble attitude, is the key to knowledge and understanding.  It is a Book of Life, a way to Salvation.  Having God Almighty and Jesus in our lives is something special and it carries no regrets because it is all good.  According to the scriptures, nothing in life will ever surpass that.