Christians unite in prayer

As mentioned before,  getting this message across is Jesus’ idea, as a way of glorifying God.  And I’m only a servant.  For instance, I didn’t know the questions in the Bible had a deeper meaning until now.

Then you’ll call upon me and come and pray to me and I’ll listen to you’, declares God Almighty. Jeremiah 29:12. The scripture says,’ a prayer of a righteous man is more effective…and pray for each other. James 4:16

Yahweh God is our Father, and operates in love, and delights in giving good gifts to those who ask him.  He desires to help us, because he has the absolute power to fix anything.  Jesus said, ‘For everything is possible with God’.

As we pray for ourselves, we  also have to pray for other people. For this portrays a good heart.  So let us make sure that we also set our hearts on pleasing God, e.g. by seeking his advice from the scriptures in all areas of our lives and to put it into practice.

He answers all our prayers according to his will, and time-table.  When we ask for something;  just like a loving parent He has to weigh it through, and answers accordingly.  For example, someone would pray for something which God sees is not good for them.  So every time we pray for something, we say thank you, wait and be at peace.  Jesus was always encouraging in everything he did, and he said, ‘have faith in God’.  So our faith should be based on hope and  trusting in God who gives us strength and works out every problem for our own good.

Father God in heaven , we come before you united in prayer.  We know it is your will for us to pray to you.  You portrayed your power in your Son, when you helped all those who came to him.  We acknowledge we have to do our part in learning from you and taking in your guidance, and we know  that when we humble ourselves you bless us. 

Father God, we also thank you so much for your loving kindness. Thank you so much, for it is you who helps us in our struggles. You know we are just human beings. Thank you so much for Jesus , for without him we wouldn’t have any hope.

Thank you so much, for you created us wonderfully. It is you who gave us the little feet to explore the beautiful world you created, and you gave us the eyes to see all your wonderful creations.  And thank you so much for the food you give us daily to enjoy.

We know it makes you sad, when you see the world in wickedness, and your anger shakes the nations. We know you want to help and guide us. Thank you so much that you care.

Thank you for answering our prayer for the school. We also pray for any one who’s hurting, depressed that you give them peace, especially when they turn to you. 

In Jesus we pray …Amen!