The Serpent

Of all animals Satan decides to use a serpent (Genesis 3:1) to test Adam and Eve, because it was craftier than other animals.  And when you go deep into the Bible you get to understand that spiritually speaking Satan is indeed very crafty.  And if you look at things now, a snake is the most poisonous animal on land.  One bite alone kills if untreated, which is similar to the scenario of sin, Romans 6:23.  As you know, big snakes swallow their prey, which also indicates that if we don’t turn away from a sin we can be swallowed by it.  That’s why when you read through  the Bible you can see God is advising people to turn to him and away from evil, because of the consequences.  And He  is also, God of love, encouragement, and wants to save us.

Why did Satan target Eve?

It seems like she went to the tempting place where Satan was, and according to the scriptures she looked and desired what she saw, and then influenced her husband, which was wrong on her part.  Being the first creation of God, Adam was supposed to be the stronger one to remind his wife, but failed in this area.  So the devil saw that weakness in him.  And when Adam decided to listen to the woman, he became weak too.  Even now Satan targets the weaker spots in us; the main ones are the unbelief, the doubting and then the desiring.  And it also shows that when a person has strong a faith the devil doesn’t bother him or her much, only when it notices a weakness in them.

The Devil presented a doubting question to Eve ‘Did God really say…Satan has another name (Dragon, revelation 12:7).  Note; the devil (tempter) is weak but a dangerous force in the world; it is a master of all wrong doing and acts in ferocious anger.  Now days it goes around the world to target every area which is connected to sin, and dominates every area of wrong beliefs.  Not only that, it also goes around churches/congregations to find weak spots to do some damage.  That’s why God gave us the Holy Bible to act as a shield and guidance.  And the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin and  point us to the truth.

The True Vine

Realistically speaking, it’s up to the person to examine their beliefs whether it is coming from God or not, and to search the truth through the Holy Bible scriptures for themselves. Jesus gave us tips, a good tree, Mt.7:16-18.  And then he says John 15:1, I’m the true vine tree… a good tree has no bad fruits; (bad fruits represents sin).  When Jesus established the first ministry of disciples, Satan attacked the weaker one (Judas).  Why? Because he allowed the devil to trick him in his thinking, and then he was captivated by money, so he eventually became a thief and a betrayer. John 12:4-6

Satan even attacks the areas of emotions, when stress levels are high.  For example, Jesus didn’t have any sin in him; the devil waited until he was stressed out by hunger after fasting.  When you read the Bible you can see Jesus was above Satan.  He didn’t let the devil contaminate his mind.  He knew how it operates.  Bearing mind, he saw the chaos in Eden. Genesis 3:21

To be continued…


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Adam and his wife are living a life of no stress, no desires, no wars, no arguments, no hatred, no fear, no money problems, no pain, no hunger, no diseases or death.  And then comes a great fall (sin) which will shake their lives for ever and in the end to affect all of us.

God tells Adam with a strong warning before Eve was even created. You must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil…God explains to him why, because your days will be cut short. (God is Love) I believe He didn’t want them to get hurt and desired to protect them.  Afterwards, He even introduced marriage, because He wanted them to be happy.

After this I’m sure it is now Adam’s responsibility to pass on the information to his wife, just like him was in total perfection of humility and love.  I believe they had a perfect love for God, and for each other.  And from a pure point of view – without making demands on each other,  because  when you look into the Bible they had children after the disobedience, Genesis 4:1-2

Meanwhile, they enjoyed their jobs of working on the land as well as the scenery of the beautiful gardens and the food that came with it. They also lived peacefully with all the animals.  And it seems like they could even have a conversation with them, for example, the talking snake, and when you read further in the bible a donkey spoke at one point, Numbers 22:28.  I believe the communication they had with them was cut off, because of their disobedience. The mess of Adam and Eve affected the land too. Note: As leaders of all animals their decisions were crucial and critical, the same still stands today (mankind leads all other animals and  when it comes to caring for the environment our decisions are critical).
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To be continued….






Before I go to the first question (where are you?), which is directed to all of us, I have to go step by step.  First of all, I have to start by praying; ‘God help me here to explain the passages below.  I know you have a way of using Jesus through your Holy Spirit to help us, or to get your message across’. 

My blogging is about encouragement, however, I have to say it as it is!  There is a phrase that comes to mind, ‘if you have something good to say, say it; especially if it is accompanied by Jesus’ wisdom’.  Sometimes when you tell the truth about Jesus, you get some people who will disagree but as the Bible says, God will judge (Roman 14:11-12), and is of kindness and justice, Jeremiah 9:24.  God is love, and sin separates us from him because He is HOLY.

Christianity is compared to (Eden) – a beautiful garden with full of flowers and fruits, which is based on the principles of love, kindness, righteousness and forgiveness.  And if you want to have that fulfilment in life, eat the good fruits.  I’m one of those people who love our God,  and have Jesus not just as our saviour, but also as our best friend.  He said, ‘if you love me you’ll be loved by my Father’, John 14:21.  Jesus is normally portrayed in pictures as an attractive man; surprisingly he wasn’t at all, according to Isaiah 53:2,  but I believe He had a very kind face.  

But, it was God’s plan to stop people to be attracted to him for the wrong reasons; for some would have gone to him just to admire His looks.  Oh, he is so handsome!  And it could have been a distraction.  Evangelism is a calling to any one who knows the truth. Christianity is about listening to God through His words (Bible) and taking in Jesus’ guidance of living a life that pleases Him. As Jesus said, ‘know the truth and it will set you free’. John 8:32



It has a way of talking to you and taking you right from the beginning all the way to Jesus and up to the end.  Every time I read a chapter I feel like I’m there listening and learning.  Normally before I start reading, which is an everyday routine, I have to prepare my heart.  And if I don’t understand something I ask God to help me, and he normally does through the Holy Spirit. 

So right now, I’m going to take you to the Land of happiness, Eden, where Adam and Eve are enjoying a perfect peaceful happy life of living forever.  And they love God with all their hearts; a perfect relationship between God and man. I know most people are aware of this story, but I’m going to elaborate on it a bit more. (Genesis 3) Prior to this, I’ve never understood this scenario properly until recently when God opened my eyes to understand it even more, and then I found myself asking the why questions.  I don’t know everything but I’m going to try to explain from a spiritual point of view as the Holy Spirit leads me. I hope this can help someone.

To be continued…