After the testing which God allowed,  (if you keep on reading the Bible you get to understand that Satan has boundaries – Job ),  Adam and Eve had to go through intensive scrutiny.  Sadly, when they made that decision of touching the tree and eating the fruit afterwards, it was a hardening of hearts on their part. But I’m sure their hearts softened when they acknowledged their sin and that they had done wrong by disobeying God, and I’m sure they cried a lot.

Moving on, after Yahweh (God)had seen everything that had happened and had examined their hearts,  He decides to speak to them.  Note; He didn’t start by telling them what they’ve done.  He starts by asking them questions.

Where are you? ..A question that comes to my mind; why did God ask Adam, when He knew where he was?  Note;  God sees everything for nothing is hidden before him, Heb. 4:13, and knows what we are thinking.  Even Jesus demonstrated this in his mission.  Adam on the other hand, after realising the mess he and his wife was in, he then analyses the situation and skips a direct answer, but tries to understand what it meant. That’s why he didn’t answer I’m in the garden somewhere!  And to us; it doesn’t mean I’m relaxing in a cafe in New-York, or  I’m climbing a wall in China and it is not easy.  I’m on Mt. Kilimanjaro, or  I’m on the London eye and it is nice out here.  I’m busy on my computer, trying to get some work done,  or I’m watching TV and it is really taking a chunk of my time.

This question is crucial; why?  Because you have to see where you are in order for you to see where you’re going, which means you have to see your mistakes in order to correct them.

Now I believe God wanted Adam to examine himself, in regard to his thinking, actions, and to acknowledge his own mistake.  He wanted them to see things from His own perspective.  Now that sin had entered their minds, it was impossible for them to go back to the man and the woman they used to be.  And the Holy Spirit says the question applies to anyone with a reasoning mind.

The path

And when it comes to Jesus, he asks the same question, where are you, when it comes to God and His plan/word?  From Jesus’ point of view which is based on truth, the world is divided into four sections of people; for some where the heart on the rocks, others the heart is in thorns, and for others the heart is on the dry ground and for others the heart is on the good soil. (Mat. 13:1-23)

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Later on, He mentions the two roads, the narrow road (is clear and full of light in God and Jesus) and the wider road (full of Satan’s darkness – messed up with false idolatry and heartache)….In this case, he would ask, ‘which path are you on and where is it leading you?’ (Mt. 7:13)


To be continued….