Moving on, Adam says, I was afraid… Now insecurity has flooded his mind, which is common to all of us.  Bear in mind, before that he was a happy man without a tint of fear, and not worried about life. Genesis 3:10

Then he goes on to say, because I was naked…Before that, he was totally in control.  Now he starts to feel insecure about life and his own body. The Adam syndrome has a profound effect on us, and we get into the habit of examining ourselves and find something to feel insecure about.  ‘Nakedness’ in a spiritual sense indicates insecurity – without God’s protection in Jesus, in his word, or guidance through the Holy Spirit. 

I think Adam and Eve must have come to a point when they felt regretful about what they had done.  I believe after God saw how insecure and regretful they were, He felt sorry for them and clothed them, which later on symbolises Jesus’ sacrifice, as a covering and forgiveness for our sins.  When Jesus was about to be crucified, they took his clothes, and then after the crucifixion he was covered with a linen cloth.  For every thing that happened to Jesus, was as God planned it to be, to rescue mankind from Satan’s control.

Afterwards, he goes on to say, so I hid… he is got so much fear that he hides. (Bearing in mind he had no where to go). Really!  How can you hide from someone who knows where you are?  To us, sometimes we forget that God is watching us and cannot hide from Him.  We have created a lot of hiding places, e.g. science theology, focusing on money, false beliefs, and Just like Adam and Eve we hide our sins.  So when Adam and Eve came out of hiding they were able to talk to God again.


To be continued…