God asks: Who told you that you were naked? …The conversation is getting even more intense. I believe at this moment, God wants him to think even more…it is not about clothes!  Before that, he was a confident man without clothes, now he feels ashamed.  He wants him to think deeply, even through his confusion.  He wants him to acknowledge his own mistake and exercise good reasoning, in order for him to gain understanding.

False information often confuses our minds.  Spiritual wise, God wants us to think about where the whole truth is coming from, (is it based on His wisdom?)  He wants us to understand clearly that wrong information comes from Satan (the master planner of lies). Jesus said, ‘He is the (whole) truth’, because Adam’s sin did not affect him, for he came from heaven and knew everything about God the creator in total perfection.  He said, ‘when a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me’. And then he says, ‘there is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; that very word which I spoke will condemn him at the last day’. (John 12:44-50 NIV)

He came to the world where many people were confused, and bombarded with false information, that’s why he was so passionate when he preached and gave a warning about false prophets, and false preaching (distorts the truth), Mt. 7:15.  When you keep on reading further, he speaks to John through the Holy Spirit and mentions the anti Christ are coming into the world.  They even deny Jesus as the son of God, and that God sent him to save the world. I John 2

Have You Eaten..?


Back to Adam, God confronts him with more questioning, to remind him about the commandment they had just broken, which was an act of unfaithfulness.  When he found his words again, he pointed a finger at his wife.  This now goes on to be a blaming game. The woman you put here with me…Probably, in his mind he is thinking, if it wasn’t the woman, I would be on the right track. Nevertheless, God wanted him to examine his own heart and responsibility, and stop giving excuses.  Does that sound like someone you know? Someone may blame somebody else/society for their behaviour or sins, and some may blame God when things fall apart.  But of course as we all know, there is another side to the coin when an innocent person carries a burden of another person’s wrong actions’ which most of us experience once in a while.

To be continued….