LOVE, love, love…

God is the source of Love


  • Love reaches out and says hello.
  • Love connects us to God.
  • Love is kind and heals broken hearts.
  • Love is patient, smiles, forgives and gives wisdom.
  • Love helps, is generous, is not proud and is not selfish.
  • Love is not aggressive and hates violence.
  • Love has a humble attitude and keeps you out of trouble.
  • Love sings, makes you laugh and gives peace.
  • Love listens and is a good communicator.
  • Love appreciates and gives encouragement.
  • Love is faithful and keeps a marriage.
  • Love encourages parenthood, provides security and disciplines.
  • Love connects us to the environment and other creatures.
  • Love respects, does no wrong and hates evil.
  • Love gets angry about injustice and focuses on the truth.
  • Love is power and conquers all.

God Almighty created every living creature out of Love….and every thing he does is through love