treeskWe all get to that point when we are troubled or worried by something.  Plans not getting our way, marriages break downs, friendship troubles, business ideas fall apart, job situations, children not listening as they should, and so forth.

And we have a habit of creating our own imaginations which are based on fear or fantasy sometimes.  Sometimes we think about things we shouldn’t even be thinking about.  And we worry about things we shouldn’t be worried about.  For example, someone may think a particular person doesn’t like them, when it is not true.  I remember going through that experience.  And on the other hand when the situation is real, God has a way of solving our troubles to our advantage.

Jesus asked the disciples this question after he had seen their fear, for when they saw him they got frightened, and doubted whether he was real.  For fear and doubt is so much in our human nature and God knows that.  But when he comforted them and reassured them, their fear subsided.  He said to them, ‘touch me, I’m real’.  Have you got something to eat?  God is real and he wants us to be sincere and have an obedient heart, when it comes to get to know him.

So when God or Jesus asks why are you troubled?   This is the time to think clearly about the situation you’re going through.  A prayer and applying godly wisdom will ease your mind.  Sometimes we think too much and think we can solve our problems, and forget that without God’s intervention we are totally helpless.   Every time we get sick and get better it is because of God.  He is the only one who helps the body to respond to medicine.  The scripture says, in his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Job.12:10.

Why do doubts rise in your minds?

photo 17Again this is a crucial question that targets a side of us that succumbs in doubt sometimes.  It is okay to doubt our abilities because we are imperfect, but to doubt God who has absolute power and perfection is a no, no.  And more importantly this is a question directed at believers, to get us understand that we have to focus on God or Jesus and take his directions to heart.

What I have learnt is, every question God and Jesus used was not only directed at those people but to all of us, and some of them are particularly directed at the believers.  The questions help us to analyze our lives, in regard to a particular situation. God sees everything and our inner thoughts. The scripture says, man (person) looks at the outside appearance but God look at the heart (inner thoughts and motives). 1 Sam.16:7