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We all have problems but for me as a born again Christian, I call them little challenges.  Let’s face it; every human being needs a challenge.

A challenge has a way of shaking things up, and God knows that if we didn’t have challenges we’ll be too comfortable, too spoiled and unruly.  A challenge from God is a blessing in disguise, for it helps us to reflect on  our lives and do some assessing.

That’s why the Bible says, God disciplines believers as part of training, for nonbelievers as part of awakening.  Hebrews 12:7-8.  Every discipline is temporary, but we are supposed to learn from it.  As for me, I thank God for all the blessings and challenges that have helped me to become a better person.

A challenge may come for a short period, and sometimes it stays a bit longer.  It is supposed to teach us something about ourselves, and a reminder that we need to get on the right track and sort ourselves out.

To understand this, you have to put yourself in God’s position. He creates people in his image. He also decides to provide our needs because of his love.  God as the originator of parenthood, has given us a glimpse of his character. We learn it from parenthood, and as children.

For example, a parent would say to a child don’t touch fire, and gives a reason, ‘because you’ll get hurt’. At one point a child would test it out, to see if it really hurts. A mother would get upset because a child has been disobedient. In this case, most parents would discipline a child because they know that if they don’t, it would be catastrophic for a child. And after disciplining, a mother would normally comfort a child.

So, the same with God. He warns us, and comforts us after a discipline, but he also points a finger, and says, ‘I told you so! Don’t do it again or else’.  

Someone once said, ‘a life without challenges would be boring’.  For, in life we need to learn how to fight.  I’m not talking about a physical fight, but a spiritual one whereby you have to use wisdom, positivity, bravery, and endurance when faced with one.

We have a wonderful God, when a challenge comes he gives us the strength and wisdom to handle it.  And He has a way of taking it away if we can’t handle it.   On other occasions, when a challenge is long term he squeezes it,  and makes it smaller so that we can be above it.  Especially if we listen to him through Jesus, and have a positive attitude.  You’ve heard of the saying ‘time heals,’ but actually it is God who heals our broken hearts.

As a saying goes, where there is a closed door He provides an open door.  Someone may lose their job and moan about it, but little do they  know that a better opportunity is waiting around the corner.  I’ll never forget a Christian blind woman who shared on a radio, that even though she is blind, she is one of the happiest people on earth,  for she has peace in Christ.

Bearing in mind, some challenges have nothing to do with God’s discipline, they’re just a learning experience.  For the big part of life is about learning.  And we also learn from Job and Jesus, that many of our problems are brought about by Satan. i.e. broken marriages, drug problems, etc.  Also, bad decisions put us into trouble.  But God  is there to rescue us, if we are willing to reach out to him.