I often get questions like; do you believe in destiny?  I totally do; to some extent, simply because, there are things that destined for us and some are based on choices.

There is a saying most people use; to be in a certain place at the wrong time or vice versa. There is so much we have to learn about life; I believe every person we meet or set eyes on is part of our destiny.  For example, when we decide to take a certain route and those people we meet along the way have also decided to do the same.   And in a world of more than  two billion people, we end up meeting a tiny fraction in our life time.  Why do we meet some people and don’t meet others?  I think  every person we spend time with, or know is destined for a reason,  normally as a learning experience.

As you are aware, we take in information the moment we open our eyes, and are good at observing things around us.  We learn from people who are different in nature, cultures, characters and experiences.  Every human being is unique and special. That’s why God made us different so that we can learn from each other.  Someone said, life is a school.  It is so true, and I couldn’t agree more.

The people we are supposed to learn from, or vice versa, are going to come into our lives.  And we can’t even stop it.  God has a way of putting people in our way, especially if it is part of his plan. He did it throughout the Bible.

Much of our life is destined. Take another example, we don’t choose to be born as you know, God made that decision for us. Our parents played a small part. There is a certain point in our development when God puts a soul in us (breath of life ), which manifests itself in order for us to think and operate.  Genesis 2:7

Here is another one, every position of leadership or popularity, especially when dealing with people is destined, which means that  person has been allowed for a reason.  How do we know this? Because God gives time.  Jesus told Pilate, if the position you’re in was not given by God you wouldn’t be in that position.  John 19:11. Therefore, when God destinies you to do something no one can stop it.

Consequently,  when you find yourself in a position where you didn’t get the job, don’t beat yourself up with misery.  It just wasn’t part of your destiny. That means your destiny is another company.  For as you know, a job is not just a job, it is also learning from people and serving.  Everyone of us is so special and different, for we all have something different to put on the table.

And here is another one, which is often asked in the Christian world;buttrfly are some people chosen to be saved?  The Bible explains God chooses some people to do certain  tasks, for example, the first Israelites were chosen to fulfil his purpose through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  After that he made his plan go to another level, whereby  for the rest of us, after the coming of Christ the saviour, we gain salvation by making a decision through him.