Getting the best out of life requires;

  • to be on the good side of God,
  • gaining wisdom, understanding and hope,
  • good planning,
  • giving because it is good for the heart,
  • love instead of hate,
  • kindness instead of selfishness,
  • working  instead of laziness,
  • forgiving to gain access to peace,
  • doing the best you can with what you have,
  • learning from your mistakes and avoiding the pitfalls,
  • respecting yourself for there will never be anyone like you,
  • keeping life simple
  • correcting your mistakes
  • having a quite time to reflect, remember each day has its own troubles
  • taking your troubles to God
  • helping or serving others
  • Loving God and people around us, is what the greatest teacher on earth (Jesus) said.

Who wouldn’t  want the best out of life?  One of the things God wants us  to understand and be clear about is his gift to mankind. Jesus is the best gift you’ll ever get.  We all need deliverance. Who wouldn’t want to be delivered from a dangerous situation?