This topic can help any one; it has certainly helped me when I decided to apply it in my own life.

God (Yahweh)

The biggest fruit of all is to love God, Honour Him, and obey his word, for there is nothing better than that.  Once you get that, you unlock the key to the Kingdom.  For without the Creator everything else is nothing.  If you look around your house, everything has been created by someone or something, and there is a reason behind it.

God created man with body parts which function to serve a purpose.  Without the head, which is synonymous to God as the head of all, everything falls apart.  So from the biggest fruits of all, we get the nutrients to sustain us (wisdom).  For, there is no way a man can survive in this world without wisdom, which is connected to love.  Happiest is a man (woman) who takes wisdom to heart and applies it.

Fruit of love

The second most important fruit of a human being is loving others, which is connected to the heart as a centre of living.  With out love everything falls apart.  There is no human being on earth who has ever emphasised on love as Jesus did.  He was the kindest and most loving human being the world has ever seen.  For He portrayed the character of God in perfection.  Even when people were nasty towards him he responded with love and kindness, and sometimes got angry at their stubborn hearts, for he wanted to help them.

The main enemy of love is Satan, for he has a way of poisoning it. Jesus said, Love God with all your heart and your neighbour – which also means, to ‘protect your heart, your inner love’.  So, we get rid of hatred, because it damages our heart and inner being.  For it is good to hate the sin not the sinner.  Jesus said, love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind. And love your neighbour as your self. You may say, hang on a minute, this is perfection here.  But, God doesn’t ask us to do things which are impossible for us to do; whatever he tells us to do, he knows we can do it.  And when we do it, we become very happy and secure.

You may walk down the street or go shopping in the market, everyone you set your eyes on is your neighbour. In most cases, you leave people alone in peace; that’s love. In other cases, you direct someone who is lost, that’s love. Sometimes you say something nice to someone, that’s love. And other times, you buy something from a trader, that’s love.  And when you help some one in a desperate need, or forgive someone; that’s love. And when someone shares their faith with you, or vice versa; that’s love.

Once I was having an evening stroll, I saw a man who seemed to be drunk and was falling over in the bush.  I thought I needed to do something, so I went over to him, thinking he was probably hurt.  I felt a bit sorry for him, because he was lying flat on his face, looking a bit helpless.  Anyway, I said, ‘I think you need some help. I’ll call the police’.  The moment he heard the word, police, his voice became louder.  No, no! Raising his head quickly, he found the energy he thought he had lost. He staggered on his feet, and went on his way half falling, half walking.  That’s love.

For as we get on with our busy schedules, our focus goes more to other people than any other creature.  We study each other, our skin colour, hair styles, fashion sense, and we realise we are all in the same boat. The more we leave each other alone the more peaceful we become.  But the moment you have a negative attitude towards somebody else, you poison your love and lose a sense of peace. Satan is the master planner of poisonous arrows which  aims at your heart – a connection to your mind.

As I mentioned from the beginning, I have to tell it as it is…the truth which benefits mankind. For that’s what our loving Almighty Father in heaven wants us to do, and it pleases him.