As the bible says, firstly we hear the message of God, secondly we see (an open mind) thirdly we act (putting the word of God into practice – repentance of sins) and we then ask for His Holy Spirit which carries the truth and leads us to salvation.  Now that our mind is open to Christ’s teaching, we live a life that pleases God.  So we shun evil and embrace goodness.

God made it easy for us; Jesus said, His yoke is easy… and that means Jesus’ ways are easy, they give us peace and joy, but Satan’s ways are harder and makes our lives harder to eventual misery.  We have all done something wrong at some point and have apologised to someone.  But a Christian way is to humble yourself, seek forgiveness from God, and say, I’m sorry God, from now on I’m going to change my ways and do it your way.  (Obedience) Just like a prodigal son.

Just like a parent to a child. When a child  does something wrong, a good child would confess to a parent. I’m sorry I lied, and then a parent would explain to the child with a warning not do that again or you’ll get a discipline.  Or when a child does something wrong, a parent would tell a child to go and apologise to the one they’ve wronged (confession). The same applies with God and his children, in the end we ask Him for forgiveness.  For God wants us to act in humility and love.





When we are babies God is holding us in his hands; the moment we start sinning he let us go.  Figuratively speaking, it is like rolling off a mountain.  For every time we sin, we keep on falling.  But when we start listening to him through Jesus, we stop falling, and then he holds us in his arms again.

So someone would ask, ‘how can I stay in God’s hands?’ The answer is simple, by living your life in Jesus, which means, taking the Holy Bible as your guidance in life.  The word is spiritual, it is not just something you read and forget about like any other book. It acts like food; you have to feed your mind and heart with it everyday.  And if you don’t act upon it, you’ll fall.  Just like food/drink, if you don’t eat everyday, your body struggles and suffers. That’s why Jesus compared himself to food and water.  He has to be your daily bread and living water.  In John chapter 1, he is the word of God.