When you examine the Bible, you get to understand that, this is a kind of question God and Jesus would ask. God looks from heaven and sees mankind in chaos from time to time. As mentioned before, God wants us to reason well and every question is to examine our lives. And if we sit down and answer this question, we’ll all give reasons why we are not at peace. Someone might say, ‘I’m not at peace because of so and so, or because of this situation, or because the job is getting on my nerves, or the money issues, and the list goes on.

Peace is precious, and you can’t put any amount of money on it. It is a gift from God. Every time we get a sense of peace, it is because God has allowed it for a reason. And the reason is, because he wants us to enjoy life.

Jesus said, ‘in this world you’ll have troubles but in me you’ll have peace’. Anyone who is in Christ would tell you that the Holy Spirit gives you tremendous peace, there is nothing in this world is like it. Peace creates happiness. The scr. Says, cast your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6-7.

And if you lose your peace, ask God to restore it. One thing I know, we lose peace sometimes because of sin. And Satan is behind all the chaos. But, whenever we do the right thing we gain blessings – peace. It is all in the Bible.