When you examine the character of God, you get to realise that he is very interesting, serious, very kind and loving.  To understand this, you have to look at the good side of us. As I mentioned before, we inherited a portion of his character..

Another part of God’s character which I find very fascinating is that he wants us to find the hidden pearls. You may ask, what do you mean?  I’ll explain; as you aware, all the precious stones are hidden underground, and then you find the precious pearls in oysters. This is synonymous with a Christian message which we have to dig and find it in the bible, and in Jesus.  And when to comes to God you have to seek him, and if you do, you’ll find him.  For we get a period in our lives when we don’t know him, but when we decide to find Jesus we also find God, because the Son and the Father are similar in every way.

Another way of explaining it, as Jesus mentioned, why throw your pearls to the pigs?  We learn from that, all of us have hidden pearls stored in us.  You may ask again. What do you mean? I’ll explain; the pearls are all the good qualities in us, for example, when God created us as a man or a woman that’s our pearl.  For, we are all wonderfully made; which also means every talent or skill he put in us is special. Every good thing in us is of high quality, and every good thing we’re able to do is a pearl.

So, when Jesus asked, why do you throw your pearls? Matt.7:6.  He means, when you have something of a high value, don’t misuse it. What happens when you throw your pearls to the pigs? You guessed it! They’ll trample on them, and make them dirty.  Now we understand every part of our body is precious, and the question is, why ruin your special qualities, or ruin your life? The reality is, most of us have done this, but wisdom helps us to amend our broken pieces.

And Jesus goes on to explain, our good behaviours and thoughts are like pearls. So, when you are on his side you keep your pearls, instead of picking rubbish (wrong decisions) which have no value, you pick the pearls (good decisions).  And the scr. also means, those on the other side (left) are watching those on the right. (God side). The moment a Christian believer,  a Pastor or a Priest does a wrong thing,  it is discouraging, and puts people off Christianity, but when they see a person showing humility and a repenting attitude, they get encouraged.  Christianity is the only religion which is in the light because of Jesus.  The world  need good preachers, good Christians , and we all need to wake up.  For life is short.