This is something many think about from time to time.  Most of us are aware that Sunday has a significance to remind us about worshiping God.  Here is the issue, some try and give up.  Why? Because they lack faith, others, however, when they understand they don’t give up.

What is the purpose of going to church or a meeting of fellow believers?  We learn from the Bible, that it is God’s plan from the beginning  – It is a part of our salvation.  A way of encouraging  one another, for a group is stronger than one man standing alone.  It is in our human nature to crave companionship.  We don’t want to be alone.  As you know, it is in everything we do, e.g. a family network, cooperate companies, government institutions,  etc.

So, a meeting of believers is a way of standing in solidarity and love.  I’ve heard people say, I believe but I don’t want to go to church – believing alone is not enough, for faith without actions is dead. You cannot do one without the other. Jesus said, ‘where two or more are gathered together I am with them’.  Matt. 18:20. Which means a Christian meeting begins with two people.  Some early Christians used to meet in their houses, which is a practice some prefer to use even to day, others, however, prefer to go to a larger gathering.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter to God, whether you decide to form a small church meeting in your house or vice versa.  What matters is you are in his Kingdom.  The first thing Jesus did before he started his ministry was to form a group of disciples, twelve in all.  He set us an example, that anyone can start a ministry, especially if it is a man. Why a man? Most of the prophets God used to do his work were men.  Why does the Bible emphasize on the men to be the leaders of church meetings other than women.  No 1. Because a man was created first.  As you are aware, a man’s voice has more authority. There is also another quality God put in  every man which women lack.  Someone may ask, what quality?  A man has a way of handling emotions better than a woman.  When there is a disaster,  men are more capable of handling the situation  than  women.  That’s why the responsibility of leadership lies with the men more than the  women, not only in their homes but in a church organisation.

It is all in God’s plan, for he knows us in detail.  He knows what works better, and he advises us to do it his way.  However, If a woman wants to lead, she should ask God for wisdom, for that decision is between her and Yahweh God.  As you know, Jesus is the overall leader of God’s people, and he had to be a man.

And when it comes to sharing the good news , God wants everyone of us on his side to do it in love.  What I have done in this blog is to switch on the light, through God’s grace.   God’s will is, when he gives you something good, share it – don’t keep it to yourself.  Salvation in Jesus is the best thing that could ever happen to a human being.


When I read what Jesus said, it opened my mind.  He was challenging the Jews who were giving him a hard time. John 6:26.  He said working for him is better than working for food.  It made me realise, it is so true!  Working for Jesus, is the best job in the world, better than diamonds, money, or anything in the world.  It seems like anyone who works for Jesus is put in a higher position by God above any other position in the world.  And the position is free to anyone who wants it and nothing can take it away.  He is the Boss of all.  He eventually promotes you to eternity.  Isn’t that wonderful?  Millions are doing just that.

And he says, to be promoted, first you have to believe in him, and do what he says.  For, he has been given authority by God to judge.  He is the King of all, God put him in a high position which is above all angels and humanity. The Holy Bible says, ‘ every knee will bow before him’. Philippians 2:10.

So, it is with anyone who loves God, and goes on to share the good news about Jesus to someone, Mathew 28:17-20.  When you work for him, he is your Boss, for without him it is impossible to please God.  Working for Jesus is the same as working for Jehovah God the Father, the creator of heaven and earth.  For what Jesus says, is exactly what God says!

In our secular working environments, we are slaves to who we work for. Workers normally want to please the boss, by making sure they do a job properly, so that they can keep their place in the company, or get a promotion and a pay rise.  No one desires to be sacked, especially when they know the job is their lively-hood.

So the same with Jesus, he has the power to sack you if you don’t listen to him, also to approve who is fit to enter into God’s kingdom and who isn’t, because God gave him that authority. John 15:2

When it comes to salvation, first of all, he said, ‘you must be born again’ John 3, which means a total transformation… before you didn’t know, now you know, before you didn’t understand (spiritual blindness) now you understand, before you didn’t have the Holy Spirit now you have it. Before you didn’t listen to God now you listen. Before you didn’t walk in his guidance now you walk. Before you didn’t care about being saved now you do.  And then he mentions, water baptism as a symbol of commitment, (it is like signing a contract of salvation). Acts 2:38, and chap.3:23