God Almighty watches as we struggle with life.  He has all the solutions to our problems.  It  is his plan that everyone of us has to go through trials, even Jesus who never sinned had to go through them.  The scripture says, especially to those on his side, ‘consider it pure joy, whenever you go through trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.  James 1:2-5

In most cases, when we go through difficulties, we develop a strong character, especially if we have a positive attitude.  As you know, there are some problems which will never go away, no matter what we do.  However, God wants us to take refuge in him.  When we acknowledge that we need his help, he gives us grace – kindness, strength and peace.  The scripture says, it is important to ask God for wisdom, for when we seek his guidance, he’ll always provide  an answer.

He knows our power is limited, but his power is limitless – trillions times stronger than ours.  In my Christian experience, with every trial I turn to God  and he always helps.  We have to remember God Almighty uses words to do things.  When he created the world, he said, ‘let there be ..’ So, the Bible is special, it is the only book he holds dear to his heart. God uses it as a tool to accomplish his plan.

Holding the Bible is like holding Jesus’ hand – he is the word of God. John 1.  So, when you feel depressed, stressed out, or scared –  sit down comfortably in a quiet place or kneel, close your eyes, hold the Bible firmly with both hands, pray and ask God for help. Believe me, I’ve tried it and it works wonderfully.

The Centurion understood this concept that God and Jesus operated in the same way, that’s why he said, ‘say the word…’. Luke 7:1-7 Jesus was impressed by his faith, eventually his request was granted.