I found an interesting topic in the Bible, which is vital in our development. Almighty God says to Abraham, ‘look north, south, left and right. Genesis 13: 14

Abraham set an example for people of faith. He was the first one to take obedience to God at a high level. He understood that obedience to God is crucial for him to obtain the blessings.  When Father God said, ‘I’ll bless you’, (Genesis 12:12) the same applies to people of faith.

His faith was so strong, that he believed every word God said and trusted him fully as his provider. So, Father God was pleased with him.

Now when God told Abraham to look: it has another meaning which Jesus has opened my mind, so that I can explain it here. As you’re aware, we are designed in these four dimensions. The head – north, feet – south, then two arms pointing in different directions.

In life, as you know, we have to deal with the negative side, the positive side, the past and the future.

He says, look north – this means, believe in God, the future, the promised land (salvation in Jesus), the dreams, and hope.

Look south – this means we have to know what happened in the past. We learn what happened in the past from the old testament of bible; how the world was created, the events that happened, Noah, Moses, David and so forth. And then the new Testament, which is about Jesus. God wants us to use our memory – to remember how he has fed us, helped us through our problems over the years, etc. He urged the Israelites to remember how he helped and rescued them from  the Pharaoh of Egypt. God wants us to learn from the past experiences – the good and the bad. We learn how bad choices or experiences weakened us. We have to learn from the negative consequences to get us into the right direction.

Look left – this represents all the mistakes we have made, false information, negativity, and weaknesses. God wants us to see the mistakes in our lives, to see mistakes in churches, and to be aware of false religions.

Look right – this means, the right religion (christianity), the blessings, the positive attitudes, the encouragement, the right decisions, the truth, and peace. When Jesus went back in heaven, he sat at the right hand of the Father. The scripture says, ‘fix your eyes on Jesus’. Heb. 12:2

So, when he said to Abraham, I’ll bless you in every angle, the same applies to every child of God. He blesses us in every angle of life. When we have faith in Jesus and God, we are secure in our salvation, and gain hope for better things to come. 

And on the right – he blesses us with happiness, and empowerment as we walk in righteousness. The bible says, keep on doing the right thing.

On the left – when we go through problems he delivers us, he comforts us, he gives us strength and peace.

In the north, through faith in Jesus he blesses us with the holy spirit, encouragement, forgiveness and eternal life. 

In the south, he blesses us with healing from the past experiences. We have all gone through bad or painful expereinces which need healing, and have done wrong things. So He forgives our past sins.