The question is, why the confusion?

There is something in Christianity that bothers me a lot. I think about it almost every day.

Recently I had met up with a good friend of mine. We are both Christians, we love the Lord, and take the Bible seriously, but we differ in some of our beliefs. When I state my point about Christianity, I normally back it up with a scripture, because that’s what Jesus wants us to do.

The issue was about baptism: she was baptised by a different church, I was baptised by another, both churches take obedience seriously.

Her point was, I should be baptized again by her church. I said, ‘it doesn’t make sense, when I was baptised, I was acknowledged by God’, for the scripture says, ‘make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit (the holy spirit unites us). there’s only one body (children of God), one spirit (holy spirit), one faith (Christianity), one baptism, one Lord (Jesus died for our sins), one hope, one Salvation, and one God (the creator of world and all living creatures) the Father of who is overall and through all and in all. (the children of God) (Ephesians 4:1-5)

So, the problem many people have is the misunderstanding of scriptures, but the word of God is not difficult to understand; it is very clear. When Jesus spoke in parables, he made sure that he explains in order for us to understand. It is not rocket science people, or climbing mountain Everest, it is easy. God made it easy for us through Jesus.

When a Christian teaches another Christian to be baptised again, it is contrary to what the bible teaches. First of all, when a person makes a decision, it is done through faith in Jesus. I know I’ve mentioned this before, millions baptise their babies. Is it in the Bible? No! A baby is not aware, has not sinned, and does not need to repent.

So, the scripture says, those of us who were baptised in Christ (fully immersed in water), we were united in him, and that means we live a new life, we’re no longer slaves to sin…we have been freed from sin…and then it says, ‘do not offer parts of your body to sin, but rather offer yourselves to God, and live in righteousness. Romans 6:4-14

God has given us information to follow, which leads to salvation.

So, the confusion comes, when people don’t examine the bible, and somehow rely on another source of information which doesn’t even connect to the scriptures (false interpretation).

Baptism is an important decision based on faith in Christ and God Almighty. Another scripture says, you’re all sons of God through faith in Christ, for all of you were baptised into Christ and have clothed yourself with Christ. Galatians 3:26.

I ended up saying to the sister in Christ, we’re all aiming for one goal – salvation (eternal life); so, our job is to encourage and help those on the other side. Even with all our little differences God Almighty is on our side, and he wants us to encourage each other, love one another in Christ, and correct each other by using the scriptures.

As you’re aware, the world is full of confusion, misleading information in every corner, before you know it, you get caught up in it. Evolution is one example, if we didn’t have the bible, we’ll all be confused, and none of us would have made it.

As I said reader, I have to say it as it is! The truth is in his word – the Bible!