When you read the bible, you get to understand that God almighty tackles every angle of our lives.  For example, He asks, ‘Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your panelled houses, while this house remains in ruin?’ (Haggai chapter 1)

So, it is an interesting question and it goes straight to the heart of a human being. God almighty has given the worshipers instructions, and one of them is to prepare a place where people can worship.

When you look around in some countries like Britain, you get the feeling, that there was a time when people took their faith seriously, that’s why church buildings are everywhere. And when you look into Britain’s history, you could see, that life was hard due to food shortages, poverty, etc. so, many would go to church on Sunday to have peace of mind.

Sadly, nowadays going to church on Sunday is seen as a rare occasion for some people, thus, some churches are dying as a result. Some people, on the other hand, go to church to experience a few minutes of peace. And if you want to read the bible, you wouldn’t find it in many Cathedrals. I asked a lady steward once, ‘How come you don’t have bibles in here?’ She shrugged her shoulders and said, ‘We used to, years ago, but we decided to get rid of them because people were stealing them.’ Hmm…that’s a bit strange…why would someone go to church and steal the Holy Bible?  

God examines things in detail, and wants people to respond to his message through Jesus. So that question goes beyond church buildings, it is about repentance – for the problem comes, when a person is only focussing on their human desires, other than focussing on God’s kingdom, to seek salvation.

However, some churches have emerged from the ashes (false teachings), and are carrying the bibles with them, and are taking the scriptures seriously, for they understand the importance of obedience.  So, while some churches are dying out spiritually others are prospering.  The scripture says, ‘People perish because of lack of knowledge.’  (Hosea 4:6) Jesus teaches us that, if you want to survive you have to get into the bible and live in it.

When God spoke to the Israelites at that time, the message goes to all mankind. So, while you are busy running after this and that, time is flying as well. Then Jehovah God says, ‘Give careful thoughts to your ways.’ Now you see, he wants us to examine our lives.

When I explained to my brother, he understood; I said to him, ‘All these years you’ve been chasing after things you want.’ He said, ‘Now, I feel like I’m in the valley, because things are not working out as I expected.’ I said, ‘But there is something else you need to work on, which will uplift you, to get you out of the valley – work on your faith.’ He said, ‘Thank you for telling me; your words are so encouraging; I’ll do it.’ That put a smile on my face.

Then God said, ‘You have planted much, but harvested little; aargh, now he targets a sensitive part of us; we all get those moments; How many people work hard to get something, and the end result is little?  For example, businesses, jobs, marriages and so many other plans. So, stress here!

Then He says, ‘You eat, but never have enough.’ Some one may say, ‘When I eat, I have enough,’ but a person in another country may say, ‘Oh yes, that relates to me.’ However, this affects all of us; it means less satisfaction in some of our endeavours. Stress!

Then He says, ‘You put on clothes, but are not warm.’ When you’re in a cold country, as you know, however much we try to cover up we still feel the coldness. What does this mean? Stress again!

Then He says, ‘You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.’ Ooh… it is the money thing. We get money, and it flies away like an eagle. It happens so much in utility bills, (we have to pay for the water God created) business losses, etc. Everybody has to lose money in one or the other. Someone may say, ‘That’s life!’ But, as you know, the rich gain a lot from the poor, as they keep on putting the prices up in computers, phones, designer labels, etc. making them big profits. So, more stress! And many are feeling it.

Then He says it again, ‘Consider your ways.’ Now He is telling us to think again, to make changes in our lives, get rid of the bad stuff, and work on our faith. Then He says, ‘You expected much, but see, it turned out little.’ Ouch, that hurts! You know how it goes with so many people, ‘I’m looking for the one, my other half to complete me.’ When they get the one, they get married; after a while, they start questioning whether that person was the one, when they start feeling the blues – the unhappiness, boredom, disappointments, etc. What’s that? Aha, you guessed it – stress! The same goes with the job, and so many other things.

Then He says, ‘You see what you brought home, I blew away.’ Ouch… that hurts! But that’s how it is! For we get what we want and then we lose it. Why?  It is because of sin, which started in Eden; sin is poisonous, dangerous, destroys people’s lives and it causes a curse called stress!  Stress, as you know, comes from all angles; it comes from our own sins, from other people sins, etc. People try to beat stress with all kind of ideas – a bit of smoking, drinking, exercise, etc.  Hmmm… does it work?

God Almighty who created us, knows us in detail and targets the issues of our hearts, which means after getting this and that, we still get to the point when we feel frustrated.

But He has given us the cure for stress – prayer and wisdom from the Bible. Every time I get stressed out, I pray and then I use the bible to sort me out. Christian life is beautiful – a blessing from God. Some people think it is hard, but it is easy, if you have faith and the right attitude. God knows a human being cannot be perfect without Jesus. So, in Jesus we have security, peace and hope.

Jesus said, ‘The kingdom of God is like a person who found treasure in the garden, went back home and sold everything he had in order to gain it.’ (Matt. 13:44) So, once you have it, you’re on the winning side. Hooray!! Happy days.

As you’ve noticed reader, I’m trying to deliver this message to you, the way God wants me to do it; by using the Bible; sometimes, I make a typing mistake, but that doesn’t matter so long as you understand the message. So, my prayer is, may God help you. Amen!