We have a wonderful God, for he has allowed us to study what he created; and that’s what we call science; everything he created portrays his power. When you read the bible, you get to understand, that he created the world in a short time. I believe, before he created, he thought about all the details, and then said, that’s good.

Everything God Almighty created has a message to convey; Palms 24:1; the planet earth belongs to God Almighty and everything in it, and all who live in it.

Sometimes, when I see the beautiful animals, fish of all colours, birds in their beautiful colours and shapes, I’m like ‘Wow, God is amazing!’ You get the feeling that God thought about beauty, when he created.

I like the fact that when he created the greatest of all (mankind); he gave us the skin, so that we can choose to wear clothes of different colours. It is amazing that we walk on his planet, eat what he created, drink what he created, breathe the air he created, and enjoy the sun shine he created. And even with all that, some people don’t appreciate.

Someone may ask; what do you mean they don’t appreciate? When you appreciate what someone has done for you, what do you do? You guessed it; you say thank you and praise them, and then end up loving them. It is exactly the same scenario with God.

One thing about me, I love sharing my faith; why do I do it? Because I love God and Jesus; also, this has enabled me to love people; for love compels us to do good things; when you care for people, you help them by reminding them about God’s plan – that they need to be saved. It is God’s will that we help each other.

Even though it gives me much pleasure to share the message here, I also love talking to people on the street. I spoke to a young man, and explained salvation by using the analogy of a sinking ship; imagine yourself on a sinking ship, and then you see a rescue boat; what comes into your mind first? ‘My first reaction is to save myself, and then save someone else,’ he said. Almost nine out of ten people agreed. One lady said she would save someone else before she saves herself; maybe she was only saying it. But with salvation, you have to save yourself first.

The world as you know it, is spinning in space, travelling thousands of miles per hour; according to some scientific research, they say that, by the end of the year, we have travelled millions of miles around the sun; no wonder, we grow some wrinkles as the years go by.

So, who makes sure that our planet doesn’t bump into the moon, or other planets in the orbit; you guessed it – God Almighty; He is very busy working; maintaining that every planet stays in its position as he planned; but one day, he will change things.

Jesus said, ‘The sun will be darkened, the moon will not give its light, the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies (all the planets) will be shaken; and the people living at that time will see Jesus coming on the clouds. (Matthew 24:29-31)

The bible also says, ‘God will create a new heaven and a new earth.’ (2 Peter 3: 8-13) You can understand why God will renew things; look at the world we are living in, many will agree it is getting worse; God examines everything in detail. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again; He examines mankind more than anything else; for we are more important to him than any other creature. He created us in his own image. (Genesis 1:27)

Back to the young man; I said to him, almost 98% of what you have is God given, and only 2% is man given; when we started counting, the eyes, the hearing, the nose to smell, the energy, the legs, the hands, the food, the mouth, the hair, and the list went on; and then we talked about the man made things; all these little things we have in our houses, but even those are made out of the raw materials.

When you think about what God has done for us, he has a right to judge us; the scripture says, he is going to judge us according to what we have done on his planet; As you know, he has given us time to decide which side we want to be on. His side or Satan’s side.

Jesus wants us to keep on preaching; God knows human beings need to be told again and again; for we have a weakness called ‘forgetting.’ And that’s why Christians are required to read their bibles again and again, scripture by scripture; we feed our minds with the word of God to remind ourselves to do the right thing; because God has given us the rescue boat which is connected to Noah’s Ark. (Jesus)

So, when I explained to some people on the street that Jesus is the rescue plan, about three out of nine people said, they will make sure, that they jump in it; someone asked, ‘how can I get into it?’ I said, ‘The bible is your passport to the promised land; (John 3:1-21, Nicodemus will always be remembered for asking this question; how can a person be born again when he is old?) – a person has to be born again by believing every word Jesus says; repent of your sins; get baptized (fully immersed) – which means the bad guy goes and a good guy emerges from the water; so living life in Jesus, also means to focus on doing good; acting righteously; and your love for God and people expands, as you live your life through the biblical guidance. (Acts 2: 38-40)

I like what the French guy said, ‘Oh, so I have to do some cleaning; clean my life; that makes so much sense; I’ll do it!’

Many people are making a good decision to turn to God through Jesus Christ; because they understand that they need to be forgiven for the wrong things they’ve done – they don’t want to face the punishment of God. Also, they want to experience what God has promised – total happiness of living forever. (Revelation 21:4)