Hello readers,

I’m going to take you back to Eden, where we all started; I know I’ve mentioned this before in the beginning of this blog; but as many true Christians are aware, you cannot preach about God and Jesus, without the holy spirit. So, as I elaborate this story about what happened in Eden, I know that’s what Jesus wants me to do.

Therefore, we all need to understand the beginning of our lives, which started with a man called Adam. I know the Bible doesn’t give us all the details of the relationship between God and his first special creation called a human being, by the name of Adam, but I’m going to rely on the Holy spirit to help me here.

God Almighty was excited about all his creations, but his last physical creation was even more special, because he made a human based on himself; He also put in him something called a free will, so that Adam can decide, when to sit down, take a walk, what to touch, when to sleep, etc.

He loved Adam so much that he would communicate with him; and I’m sure God will talk to him about what he had created, and when he presented food to him, he would say, ‘Enjoy!’

There’s something else we need to know; when Adam was created, his mind had no information, so he relied on God to give him ideas, and guide him. This is similar to when a human being gives birth to a baby, and then have to train, and guide them in what they should do and shouldn’t do. (Gen. 2:16)

Anyway, when Adam was aware of himself as human being, he appreciated how God created him; and I’m sure he was like, ‘Wow!! Look at me, I’m wonderfully made. My legs can walk; my eyes can see; my hands can touch and hold; you’ve given me the skin, it feels nice to touch and you coloured it too; you’ve also given me hair, it feels nice and you coloured it as well.’

And I’m sure he also asked questions like; why have you given me ten fingers? And God will give him an answer, ‘So that you can hold things properly.’ And Adam would ask, ‘What about the ten toes?’ And God would smile, ‘So that you can walk on the land properly.’ What about these nails? What do I do with them? And then God had to explain to him that, every part of your body is to serve me as your Creator, to serve you and others, so don’t misuse it.

And Adam was like, ‘Wow…I can talk; I also can raise and lower my voice, whistle, hum and even sing…Ooh… da la la…!!! And I can hear the birds sing, the animals, the wind blowing; I can hear all these sounds around me…and most of all I can hear you talking to me. Thank you so much! You have created me wonderfully!

And God was like, I made you in my own image; I want you to feel what I feel, and to get to know me in an intimate way. I have put love in you, so that you can love me and love others;  I have put kindness in you, so that you can give as I have given you;  plus I want you to be creative;  I want you to be able to learn from me;  I’m going to help you enjoy life; I want you to be happy; I’m going to help you to be intelligent;  I have taken from me to give to you;  I also want you to reason and question;  for no other creature is like you;  I have given you power to dominate them;  you are higher than them, for you have the ability to understand.  You see all those creatures around you, they cannot do what you do, because I have not given them that power.  Now listen carefully, as your maker, I am your Father and I’m going to teach you a lot of things.  For I have given you a special mind, I want you to use it well; also use your voice to pray and sing to me.

Hence, the love between God and man was perfect – a perfect relationship based on commitment and love; Adam had a pure mind of a little child, not contaminated by evil. As a human you can also imagine other questions Adam would ask, ‘Why is the sky blue?  How did you make the water?  Why did you make the grass green?’

Thus, Adam was enjoying his happy life without problems, busy watching and naming all the creatures God had created.  And when God had showed him what to eat, I’m sure he was like ‘wow’ they all taste different but delicious – thank you!  But while he was enjoying the single life, I’m sure sometimes he would talk to himself or he would think it would be nice to talk to another human being. (How do I know?  Because we also don’t want to be lonely; we don’t want to be in a state where there is no one to talk to.) So, God was ahead of Adam, because he examined his mind – He was aware of his thinking and his whereabouts.  He was watching everything, as he does now.

When God considered his loneliness, he said, ‘It is not good for a man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him’. (Genesis 2:18)  

So, Adam needed a human to human interaction; in the end, God surprised him with someone special – He created another human;  I presume Adam was like ‘Wow…she is so beautiful!’  And after examining her, he realised that, she was a bit different, designed with a different tone of voice, with a different figure, a bit shorter than him, and not physically strong as he was; but she would reason, ask questions, support him with working on the land, would encourage him, and was loving too.  And Adam was like, she feels the way I feel! She can imitate what I do, and she is pure as I am.  Just like Adam, Eve communicated with God too.

He said, ‘This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called a woman, for she was taken out of man; (Genesis 2:23)

So, Adam had to teach Eve what God had taught him; they were happy couple who loved their creator – talking, singing, praising God – and they worked on the land in harmony.  We must remember, God didn’t want them to sit around doing nothing, he said, ‘Be fruitful.’ (Gen. 1:28)  He wanted them to be productive; He wanted them expand what they have been given; He said, ‘You’ll have children who are like you – both male and female.  In other words, you’ll multiply into trillions.  (But when you keep reading the Bible, you realise that, being fruitful is not just about having kids and ruling the animals, it goes beyond that, when Jesus said, ‘Bear fruit,’ which I’m going to explain as you keep on reading.)

Adam you’ll be a dad, and Eve will be a mother.  You’ll learn how to be parent to your children – you’ll learn how to motivate, to teach, to guide, to provide, to protect, and to discipline.  Because you’ll be copying my way of being a Father to you.  And you must bear fruit in doing good works, in thinking, in good character, in kindness, in being creative, in loving each other, and in loving me as your creator.  Your whole body must bear fruit – use your mind and hands to serve, and to do good.  Use your eyes to bear fruit – it is the window of your soul, use them properly (read the bible, enjoy the sceneries and all creations). Use your mouth to bear fruit – talk about good things, say encouraging words, correct someone, eat healthily, and preach the gospel.  Use your legs to bear fruit – explore the face of the earth. (go to work and church meetings).  I have put talents in every part of your body – use your body well; use your whole body to praise me as your creator.

Reader, I know I have mentioned this before at the beginning of the blog; but Jesus wants me to explain more as he opens my mind to understand. He gives us gifts to teach, to preach, and to serve for the glory of God.  And as I’m writing this, I’m learning too!  Jesus is helping me, so that I can explain the message properly.  I remember years ago, when I didn’t understand the bible, but as the Holy spirit opens my mind to understand more, I decide to share the message to others.

So, Adam and Eve understood what they needed to do;  they had to do everything God wanted them to do;  as I mentioned before, they had a perfect loving relationship; they both respected God and each other perfectly; Adam respected his position that he was created first, and Eve respected her position as second. And this was a marriage connected to God.

You may ask, ‘Where was Jesus while this was happening?’  He was right there, getting involved and watching.  For he said, ‘before Abraham I am.’  

So, they had a perfect loving relationship with God, until Satan’s comes to mess things up.  He targeted the free will of Adam and Eve.  We learn from the Bible that Satan cannot do anything without God’s permission. (Job 1:6)  So I presume, he went up to God and said, these two people you created to be in your image, I know you gave them the power of free will, just like yours – to decide what they want to do, but it is only based on the good, because you are good;  what about testing them out with an another idea of evil;  to see whether they will resist it.  God was like Okay, I give you permission – so, all humans must be tempted by the devil. (When you read about how the devil operates, you realise that it is extremely dangerous and crafty.)

And we know that the only way Satan could do it was to lie to them.  You have to remember, Adam and Eve didn’t know that lying existed, for they were only conditioned to do God’s will.  In the end, they believed Satan, and disobeyed God.  Now as a human being, you must realise that Satan has lied to you, has tempted you with evil, and many times, you have believed in his ideas.

As you know, God was upset with Adam and Eve, they were unfaithful.  So, he separated himself from them, because of their sin.  The bible says, sin separates us from God.  Before the fall they were supposed to live forever in total happiness;  their bodies were not aging, there was no illness, etc. After the sin, God put a cherubim and flashing sword to guard the way to the tree of life (living forever as before) Genesis 3:24  Nevertheless, God Almighty still didn’t give up on the humans;  he continued to help them on their journey of life.  God knows humans are weak, so he had to keep on providing.  He then had a conversation with Jesus, and that meant Jesus had to come down on the planet to restore what Adam had messed up. Gen. 3:22

God knows human beings are damaged and weakened by sin, so they need help from someone who was stronger than they are – someone who can help them to reconcile with God.  For, it is impossible for human being to be saved by their own effort.  Jesus now has to carry a human being to where it started – to be united to God forever.  It is impossible for any other prophet to do it;  this authority has been given to one person;  that’s why he is called the saviour of mankind.

The bible says Jesus is the last Adam, the one who was obedient to God, and was not born with a sin; so, as you know, we all have sinned except Jesus, and all are born with a sin of Adam. (I cor. 15:45)  And there’s a question of some of us ask, ‘Is Adam and Eve going to be saved?’ I don’t know! Only God knows! But when God covered them, I think that was a sign of reconciliation, to connect them to Jesus. (Gen. 3:21)

Sometimes, we forget that we can ask God about our lives;   for instance, why is this happening?  What can I do about this situation? God will always direct you to the Bible, and will give you wisdom to do the right thing. And it all depends on your faith.  As God has given Jesus to carry us, all your questions, and prayers go to Jesus first. For we can only be close to God, through Jesus.

One of the things we all have to be aware of, and God wants us to be aware, is the imposters.  For instance, we are all aware, there are counterfeit money, fake art works, fake designer bags, etc. We learn from the Bible that, there will be fake prophets, fake religions, and fake preachers. (2 Peter 2:1) 

The Bible says, Jesus is the word of God, he was there at the beginning… (John 1:1-6)  At the judgement people will realise they were given false information, and at that time it will be too late.  And people will regret that they should have made the decision of reconciliation to God, while they were on the planet.  As you know, every human being needs to know the truth; we prosper in the truth, and we have all adopted the wisdom of saying to someone, ‘tell me the truth.’  Jesus said, the truth will set you free. So, he is the boss, and I’m serving him, to say the truth.

So how do you know you have the truth about God?  You must trust the Bible, and you must trust Jesus and you must listen carefully to what he said. ‘I am the way the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him, and have seen him…if you love me, you’ll obey what I command. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you forever – the spirit of truth – The Holy Spirit. (John 14:6-15) NIV

We know that Jesus spoke the truth because God was operating through him. Yahweh God also had to use the prophets who existed before him to prophesy about him – He had to give them the message which regards to Jesus.  And when Jesus was on earth, the disciples who saw him had to write down what he did – the scripture says, ‘While Jesus was speaking, a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud; A voice came from the cloud, sayingThis is my son, listen to him.’ ( Luke 9:35)

When Jesus said, ‘bear fruit…’ he compared human beings like trees, ‘You’re like a tree – a good tree bears good fruits, but a bad tree bears bad fruits.’ (Matthew 7:19) We also learn from the bible, that the Holy Spirit produces fruits love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, perseverance, and self-control – all righteousness – to be born again, repentance of sins, confession, renewing your mind in Christ, singing, praising, forgiving,  etc. (Galatians 5:16-25)

There is a difference between a religion and a relationship with God. Christianity is a loving relationship between God and man. But a religion is normally made by one man’s idea, mixed with the truth and false teachings; in the end, it does not guarantee salvation or forgiveness – it doesn’t give the full light or knowledge God and his plan of forgiveness.  And it contradicts the bible, it is unclear and uncertain.  

So, when a human realises that, to be accepted by God, they must be perfect, totally pure, and blameless, that’s when they attach themselves to Jesus. He said, a person must be born again (John 3) – meaning you have to believe everything he says, so that you can be transformed spiritually – for you become what you believe – if you believe that you must stop doing wrong things, that’s what you will do.  Also, the scripture says, without the blood of Jesus there is no forgiveness. So, that’s God’s plan and no man can change it.

I pray that God helps you to understand the message. God Bless you!!!