As humans we are relatively connected in the sense of reasoning, questioning, and actions. Many times, we find ourselves rotating in different angles of circumstances of which we ask ourselves, ‘What do I need to do?’ And as we ask ourselves, God asks as well, ‘What do you need to do?’

As I keep on mentioning in this blog, God asks questions to expose our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Father God knows all our problems have solutions; for He has laid solutions in our situations, but sometimes, we don’t even see them, due to lack of wisdom, pride and distractions.

So, when God Almighty asks this question, he wants you to find the answers which are hidden in his wisdom.  But the problem is, sometimes, when you try to get an answer, an enemy comes along to give you the wrong solutions, which are designed to make you fail. And that enemy is? You guessed it! Satan is the master planner and schemer who provides answers of entrapment and confusion.

Incidentally, a question of need is different from want; for sometimes, we want something we don’t even need. A need leads you to righteousness – seeking God, learning from the Bible, going to church, seeking good friendships, eating properly, ascertaining a good marriage, having children, getting a suitable job, etc. 

So, the question of ‘what do you need to do?’ is encompassed in the hidden gems of the bible, which solves the human chaos, weaknesses and confusion. The Bible says, ‘You reap what you sow,’ which is so prevalent in all our endeavours and decisions. We also learn from the Bible, righteousness prospers a person, while wickedness destroys the soul.

So, next time, you ask yourself a question of what you need to do to win the battle of your life, the answer is Jesus the Saviour. The Bible says, when people heard the message the asked, ‘What shall we do?’ Peter replied, ‘Turn away from your sins, and be baptised in the name of God the Father, and Jesus Christ, and you’ll receive the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:38 & Matt.28:17-20)

God Bless you!