Dear readers,

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’ve been occupying myself with other projects – including travelling for mission work. Nevertheless, I have to convey the message which Jesus has put on my mind, regarding the position of power.

As you know, the world has come up with its own systems of power connected to money, company positions, government positions, etc.  And the problem is, we sometimes forget that man-made positions are unstable and disappear as time goes by.  But there is an organisation which is the most powerful in the world, and has God’s approval – Oh yes, you’ve guessed it – the church (the children of God who put the Bible into practice).

Now let us look at the God given position of power of which we all start from.  ‘What do you mean?’ You may ask.

I will explain!  The moment we land on the planet as babies we hold a position of power, given by God.  It is a position of protection, purity and connection to the will God and Jesus, of which we don’t sin or listen to Satan. This position is also manifested in the hearts of little children. Little Children have a humble heart, of which they respond to the word of God, without arguing or doubt. That’s why Jesus said, ‘Unless, you humble yourself like a little child, you will never enter the Kingdom of God or heaven.’ (Matthew 18:3-4)

Here is the issue! We have a problem, as human beings, when we fall into temptations and sin, and lose something in us which is so precious – a sense of peace and dignity.  And the problem with sin, as you know, it belittles, disgraces, and damages a person, who succumbs to it, and this has been implemented by Satan in the spiritual realm.  So, all actions of sin diminish our power, including bad attitudes, false philosophies or false religions.

So, how can we regain our position of power?  The answer is, you’ve guessed it, Jesus. He delivers us from the darkness to light and restores us in the Kingdom of God.  That’s why Jesus said, ‘You must be born again.’ (John 3) For the position of power God wants us to operate in, is based on truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and love. Jesus also said, Seek the Kingdom of God first (Matthew 6:33) That’s our number one purpose.  After that, other things will be added on to us, e.g., food, clothes, good relationships, etc.  For who doesn’t want more out of life? We all do, don’t we?  C’mon smile!! That’s better.

But even with that big smile of yours, you have to know the other side of life.  A human without faith in God and Jesus is in a very weak position. They have no hope for salvation, limited understanding, and are just wanderers on the planet.  

You may think to yourself, ‘Oh, no I’m not just wanderer.’  Well examine yourself!  A wanderer is someone who lacks knowledge of God, doesn’t understand his Salvation plan in Jesus, make decisions without Godly wisdom, relies on their own understanding, pursues man-made their own agenda without much satisfaction, do whatever they want to do, and fall into the hand of Satan.  

The Bible says that when Cain messed up, and operated outside God’s will, he became a wanderer on the face of earth (moved away from God’s designed purpose and ended up with no proper direction).  Jesus explained perfectly when he mentioned the narrow and the wide road in life. (Matt. 7:13-14) Every human has to a make a decision which road to take, with consequences in mind. For the narrow road is led by Jesus, but the wide one is led by Satan. So, a person who is living on the wider road is a wanderer.  I’m sure after reading this part, some of you, are a bit sad. Well don’t be, because the next part opens your mind.

So long as there is time, there is hope, which means, a person has power to change their mind; for when you humble yourself, God will help you to find your way out of the wilderness. Thus, when a person operates in the will of God, they gain knowledge from the Bible and act upon it.  For God uses Jesus to guide mankind into righteousness and truth.  For when a person obeys Jesus Christ, they gain the power of knowledge and salvation.  Incidentally, lack of knowledge and understanding is dangerous to a human being.  

The Bible says, ‘People perish for lack of knowledge (the truth).’ (Hosea 4:6)   Oops, some people don’t want to hear this, but it is true. Knowledge is power!

One of the things God has given a human being is the power of the mind, which, as you know, is above other creatures on the planet.  But the mind needs the nourishment of the word of God, in order to be on the right track.  Also, the mind which is driven by your spirit is hungry for guidance in righteousness, and for the truth.  However, when Satan attacks our mind with negativity, we find ourselves on the confused and unhappiness road. Listen! No one wants to be confused! It is a waste of time.  And please don’t waste time in meaningless endeavours which are full of false information.

Finally, we all know that doing the right thing is the answer to every problem. And if you try to twist the righteousness of God, you fall from grace. The word of God in Jesus is pure and perfect. It cannot be twisted to suit your own desires. The Bible says, Jesus is the word of God. (John 1:1) And when a person connects to the word of God, and live upon it accordingly, they connect to the power of Jesus, which is full of peace, hope and forgiveness. And that person will live forever in total happiness. Imagine that! C’mon smile again!!  God bless you!