Why do bad things happen?

This is a question many of us ask ourselves, which is also connected to the teachings of Jesus, in order, to examine ourselves and the world we live in.

The world, as you know, has been bombarded by problems and chaos for thousands of years, since the fall of man – Adam and Eve.

We learn from the Holy Bible, that the problems started when Adam and Eve sinned against God, which has caused problems and death for all man-kind. The world will always produce birth pains, which are exposed in our lives, cities, and nations.

I read Psalm 33:10-1; and it says, ‘God foils the plans of the nations‘ (meaning things turn upside down). ‘He thwarts the purposes of people‘ (meaning our plans are filled with disappointments and heartache). ‘God watches all who live on earth; he who formed all, considers everything they do.’ (Psalm 33:13-14)

But God’s plan and his purposes stand firm forever throughout the generations. His saving plan is to empower, to uplift, to encourage a human being positively, thus giving peace.

So, the question is ‘Why does God allow problems to happen to all of us? God uses problems to point us to righteousness and to his plan of redemption in Christ. And he wants people to be saved and to submit to Jesus’ teachings of righteousness. Incidentally, he will do anything to wake us up!  And in my experience, when the big problems came to my life, my faith was awakened, my understanding was enlightened, and I turned to God. It was the best decision I have ever made, which is also crucial to every human being to decide their destiny. Some of us, who have embarked on the narrow road, our faith will always be refined through the good and the bad experiences.  In the end, problems carry a blessing in disguise, which is connected to repentance and spiritual growth in Jesus.

So, repentance is fundamentally important, because without it, there is no progress or peace. The Bible is very clear in the teachings of God: when a person repents of their sins, God blesses them. And another answer to the question – problems happen due to disobedience, the stubbornness of heart, evil behaviours, etc.

Disobedience to God Almighty carries consequences – fear, pain, heartache, misery, confusion, destruction, etc. The Bible teaches us that curses are attached to all sins and obedience to God Almighty carries blessings. (Deuteronomy 28) The Bible also teaches us that a human being who feels guilty of sin, and misery is more likely to seek forgiveness and to seek God. But, unfortunately, someone can go through bad experiences, and still fail to find God, due to stubbornness and negative thoughts, which are normally planted by the Devil. (Hosea 5:15)

Jesus said, ‘There will be wars, earthquakes, famine, and diseases (Luke 21:10-11) which are the signs from heaven to indicate that the fallen world will end one day. So, that’s a message to ponder. God bless you!