What are you choosing?

This is a question that touches every human being, apart from a few exception cases; as I mentioned before, Jesus has a way of using some of us to convey a message to others for their benefit. He does it through the Holy Spirit, because he wants us to expand our knowledge and understanding in regard to our faith in God Almighty, who is in heaven and Jesus is positioned at his right-hand side. (Heb. 1:1-4)

Thus, the question stands in the midst of our lives. What are you choosing?

As you know, a big part of our lives is driven by choices we make. Blessings and curses are mainly manifested in our choices. (Deuteronomy 28) God Almighty gave us the power to make decisions – it is a gift, which comes with responsibility and accountability. Eventually, some of our decisions will include, happiness or sadness, righteousness or sin, etc. And if you want your life to prosper, you connect to the wisdom of Jesus Christ.

We’re designed to make a connection to our creator, so do all other creatures on the earth, and the heavenly beings (the Angels). All the other creatures make choices to respond to God’s command, for instance, in terms of immigration from one area to another, what to eat and not eat, reproduction, etc.  Thus, the animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, etc., live in obedience to God.

But, what about the most important creature of all, which God Almighty has given the power to dominate others, and very dear to him?  I think you know it!

The Holy Bible tells us, of all creatures God has created, a human being, holds a high status. Why? We’re the only creatures that are made in his image. (Genesis 1:27) How? Many people, including myself, ask this question!

When God made the first human being, he thought about himself and how he operates; as mentioned before, in previous posts, He is the creator; we also like to create; He gave us a part of himself which expressed in thinking (his thoughts are higher than ours – Isaiah 55:8-9); He uses questions in his communication – we do the same; He reasons – we do the same: He is love and kindness is immeasurable – we only have a portion of that: He makes decisions – we do the same, but with consequences. He judges – we can also use our judgement in regard to right and wrong through the gift of a good conscious and the wisdom of God – the Bible.

Thus, everything God does, is good.

Before Adam and Even fell into Satan’s trap of disobedience, in the garden of Eden, they were only making good choices. They were in perfection in everything and hundred percent happy. They had no sadness or any anxiety.

To cut the story short, they made the worst decision that has messed up all mankind, from past, present and future generations; it will only stop when Jesus comes back.  The Bible teaches us that, when he comes back the sun will stop shining and the moon will stop, and the planets will crumble, planet earth will stop spinning, and the earthly elements will be wiped out by fire. The Bible says, at that time, only those who belong to Jesus will be saved. After that, a new heaven and earth will be created.  (2 peter 3 4-13)

So, when it comes to choosing our destinies – there are only two options – you either choose light or darkness – where light represents all the righteousness of God, in Christ; and the darkness represents Satan, the evil behaviours, false ideology, the teachings which are not based on Christ; in other words, you either choose life or the opposite, eternal life or eternal punishment.

When God spoke to the people at that time, which also relates to all of us, He said, ‘Choose life, (Salvation) connected to Jesus, and forgiveness of sins. God Almighty cares so much for us, that he doesn’t want us to choose wrongly. (Deuteronomy 30:19)

God Bless You!!!