All churches that exist nowadays are reflected in Revelation 2 &3.  According to Jesus every church is got some flaws, when compared to his teachings.  But God wants us to build on his plan. The first church/congregation Zion focussed on obedience and God was pleased to dwell in it.  And according to the scriptures, the genuine, humble  Christians are connected to Zion.  Heb12:22-24

So when choosing a church, it is important to examine the outcome, and  its teachings or doctrine.   It is normally reflected in the members’ lives. The purpose of  Jesus’ ministry is to transform people’s lives.  Majority of us are broken by the world, e.g.  the story of a prodigal son which means to go astray, helps us to understand God’s grace.

Therefore,  in God’s church someone can find a safe haven (a place of rehabilitation and a turning point).  For God’s purpose is to mend lives, whereby people get into the right direction.  I remember a man whose life was ruined by drugs.  When he came to church and decided to take guidance from the Bible, he was transformed.  Someone else was a criminal, and was in and out of prison.  He shared once that the only thing that worked on him with a big impact was Jesus, when he believed in him and took his guidance.

Jesus’ eyes scan through the churches, and find that some churches have big flaws and some have little.  According to the scriptures he’ll remove a lamp stand from some and spit them out.  Some behave like a Sardis church – thus they don’t take repentance of sins seriously.

So when you’re looking for a church to go to, now that you have a sense of awakening.  Find ones which are carrying the light of Jesus (meaning they take the word of God seriously by living it out – working on their salvation).  He said, ‘my reward is with me, and I’ll give to everyone according to what he/she has done’. Rev. 22:12

I’ve been to various churches so I can recommend the good ones through the Holy Spirit. But whatever church you go to, Jesus says, it is your responsibility to work on your salvation by following his teachings and taking obedience to heart.

International London Church of Christ has made many changes over the years.  They take obedience to heart, and has branches in many parts of the world.

Pentecostal churches; are growing rapidly in many parts of the world, and are changing peoples’ lives to gain salvation.

Ealing Christian Centre, Northfields, London.

Kensington Temple

Baptist churches: some take the word of God and obedience to heart.

Jehovah Witnesses are hard workers and take obedience to heart.

Let us know about a church that you would recommend.