Learning Experiences

Is travelling  another way of spreading our wings?  Of course, who wouldn’t want to spread their wings to explore what planet earth has to offer.  Freedom is a gift and we all have it, but sometimes it is supressed  by our own decisions, or by circumstances beyond our control.  Travelling to another country helps us to appreciate its culture, character, people, and environment.  And you can share your own experiences here in just a few words, through the email service.

Every journey is a learning experience. You may say, Ok, Maggie we all know that!  What about your own  experience?  Well, I have to start with Uganda, because it was my first.


Uganda the pearl of Africa, is really beautiful.  I love it when you come out of the Airport, and Lake Victoria is right next door.  My memorable experience was at night, when I came face to face with the glowing insects which displayed their own lights.  You may ask, is that all you saw?  C’mon there should be more than that.  What about the people and their culture?

Well, I have to say Ugandans are very friendly and polite.  They express a lot of happiness in their smiles and laid back attitude.  I believe the weather plays a part,  sunny all year round.  And when it comes to cultures,  it varies especially with its diversity of tribal back grounds.  It  has a lot to offer, especially if you are looking for an adventure.


Paris with its beautiful architecture, infused with a laid back culture is something to grasp.  It has a way of making one feel relaxed, it certainly did for me.


The say it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I couldn’t agree more.  You may say, tell us more!  I have to say I love the people, and  felt their kindness.  Before I forget, I managed to lose my phone.  You may ask, how did you do it?   Well, I don’t know!  But the good news is, a kind person called Emanuel found it on the street, and managed to contact me somehow.  In the end, he had it delivered to me.

  • Kathy, East Africa

I went to Israel as part of a church group. We were taken to the sea of Galilee, the tomb, and  also took the route to Mount Sinai.  It was a trip I’ll never forget.  And I’m so happy I took that chance, to go to a place where Jesus walked, even though it was expensive, it was worth it.

  • Abdu, London

We went to Bali for our honeymoon. Beautiful place, with white sandy beaches. Unfortunately, my wife’s phone was snatched from her hand, apart from that, we had a great time. People were friendly and welcoming.

Freddy, East Africa – I went to Norway for my scholarship. I enjoyed my stay.  People are laid back but friendly.  I particularly enjoyed the cruise trip.

Frank from Kenya says, his favourite holiday destination is London, because of the shopping experience.  And there is no language barrier.

Akio says, his favourite is Barbados. The weather and the people are his inspirations.

Patryeja  from Poland says, she recommends Poland, because of its beauty and the people.

Angela from London says, she’s travelled to New York, Philadelphia, but she enjoyed Kenya more , because of the weather and the culture.

Samuel from London says, his favourite place is Grenada, because of its beautiful beaches, the climate, and the friendliness of the people. He also enjoyed Uganda, for its weather and  the food.  Also, the people were very welcoming.

Vicente  from Spain says, his favourite is Spain.  It’s the weather and the culture.

Sam from London says, he enjoyed South Africa. Friendly people and weather.

Wendy from Grenada says, she enjoyed Sicily. It is one of her favourite vacations.

Maria from Greece says, so far her favourite is London.

Josie from Iran says, she’s travelled a lot, but she loved the  African more.

Ken from London says, his favourite is Cuba, the culture, food and friendly people.

Katiana from Russia says, even though she’s travelled a lot, her favourite is London.

Linda from London says, she loved West Africa.